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Beautiful!!! I've wanted to go to a balloon festival for years, and we tried to a few years ago and when we got there all the balloons were out flying around and wouldn't be back for hours. So we never got to see a single one :( One year this will happen! Love all the colors and patterns, so cool!


I'm not a heights person either, but I think I might try for a balloon ride. I went on a tethered ride once when I was a kid, but a ride in Temecula is on my to-do list.


That second-to-last photo just screams Quilty Inspiration, doesn't it? Hot air balloon ride is soooo on my bucket list. :)


What awesome photos! We weren't able to go this year. I'm hoping next year...I think the boys would love it!


Anyone else totally see quilt possibilities in these pictures? So bright, colorful and geometric.


Love, love, love the pictures! Gorgeous!! I love all of the color. It feels magical. Glad you went. I hope see that someday too!

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