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Color seemed to be the trend for you in 2010!


Good lord, lady! Your end of year recap is AMAZING. If I finish ONE quilt this year, I'll be happy.


Girl you are AMAZING....such gorgeous projects! I love your quilts and sweaters in your last posts, too. I'm floored by the number of things you got done!!!!


What an amazing collection. Be proud! They are all wonderful.


wow rebekah, i take my hat off to you.
what a stunningly gorgeous collection of handmade goodness!


absolutely phenomenal! what an enormous feeling of accomplishment you must have! they look just wonderful all together like that, your sense for color is just endlessly delightful. congratulations on a fabulous 2010!


I was most productive while in graduate school--now I have no idea how I did it! Your finished projects from this past year are amazing!!!!

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