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Oh my gosh! Those are adorable!


oh my god these are sooo cute!!!!


I have to agree with Tong and Trisha, these are totally cute! I like that they look so crisp and bright. They'll really stand out on the Christmas trees!


These are amazing! So adorable.


Those ice skates are the cutest things! I love them. Who would have thought to use paper clips? Clever people, of course.

Debbie-Esch House Quilts

These are too cute! I love skates!


it was so great to meet you on thursday. thanks for putting up with my loud machine. I've been following your blog for a while now, but didn't match you to the blog until this morning :)


Love your skates!!
I wish I would have known earlier about the meet up...have to watch for it next year!


Those are so cute! They would be adorable as an embellishment on packages. Isn't crafting with friends the best?


Darn it - I wish I'd known you were going to be there, I thought about going and decided not to. I'm in Livonia every single Thursday night as it is, lol! Your ornaments are just darling.


These are so sweet!


Very cute and so small! I think I would go blind trying to work on such a small scale.


these are seriously the cutest ornaments ever! and, as always, you chose the exact perfect colors. fabulous!


Adorable! Your signature colors too! I made some of these a few years ago, but I sewed them by hand and didn't use a pattern! Not sure which would be easier by the sounds of your experience :) On another note, I am jealous... I want a crafty meet-up on this side of the state!


cutest!!!!! xox


OMG! These are the cutest things ever! I love the incorporation of the safety pin. So smart!


cutest. ornaments. ever!!!!


Love the ice skates. Really cute! And I miss craft nights too! You could always come over here and have one though.....I've finally almost got the sewing room organized and set-up. Just waiting for a thread rack to come from America ;o)


Those are awesome skates! Love the colors, so bright and fun! A craft night sounds great, wish I had one here.


Those are great! Love the green ones!! I missed out on the Craft night - didn't get back from puppy class in time...hopefully I'll be at the next one! Is the Brighton Modern quilt guild still going? I'd like to pop in on that too!

Thanks! Judy


completely adorable!
love the jewel tones. (have i mention before how much i love your color choices?!?)


Those little skates are adorable!


I need some spare time. This are CUTE!

Jessica C

Rebekah, those are the cutest darn things I have seen a while. I think I need to make some too!


....where are you ??!


These are so freakin cute. I'm going to have to try these when I learn how to sew!


These skates are adorable! So freaking cute! They would make a darling garland too.


what a lovely ice skates!!!!


These are so cute I have to give them a try at xmas.

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