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Hmmm, I never thought to knit a scarf sideways! I love the colors in Jon's hat. You are a knitting machine!


You have been a knitting machine! Great hats and scarf.


Love those yarn colors! Gorgeous!


Well, you are a very accomplished knitter. I'm sure Jon just wanted to you shine. You have a good eye for picking out colors that coordinate well.


I just really need to learn to knit - I love your creations!!!!


You make me want to knit again, so badly! I love all of your stuff!


hey, i just finished making that very same hat that jon started! your colorwork so impresses me, i'm still too scared of it to venture there but i'd definitely love to be brave enough to make that hat pattern one day. love your work!


i LOVE your color scheme... the lime and 2 blues. so fabulous!


Lovely knits! I love the scarf, and I can believe knitting it down the long way would seem faster, not as many rows to count :)


i still love that hat/scarf combo every time i see it. gorgeous!

everything's gorgeous actually, you have such a gift for color.

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I'm looking for new ideas for sweater scraps.
Thanks for sharing 

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