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Looks great, just the right place to get inspired and creative!


love it!
what a wonderful workspace.


It's really great. I want to hang out in there and play.


What a great room! I love the wall color and also all the shelving that allows you to see your materials but is so organized. It's wonderful, also, to see that you have some of your Iceland pictures up!


Wow, it looks great. If my craft room looked like that i'd spend every waking minute in there. I love the green dresser you painted. I love that in your first post you had like one small bin of yarn/needles. I was the first way when I first got into crochet/knitting. Now, it seems to have taken over.


Thanks for the craft room tour! It looks great - and I love the color.


Gorgeous space! We collect Rs as well!


My oh my!!! I'm jealous! :-) Looks AWESOME!


What a great space! All of that natural light is fantastic.


You are so organized! Your space is just delightful, what a cheery place - I'd never want to leave it. I love your pic of sheep butts,'s perfect there!


love your sewing space!!! you are very organized! i have a room in the house picked out as my sewing room (the guest room is doubling as the sewing room right now) but i need to get furniture for it! right now i'm just using the floor as my design "wall", it's literally covered in quilt blocks!


*swoon* when can you come over and help me dig through mine?

i'm inspired by your decision to get rid of the drawers from your scrapbooking days. did they still have scrapbook supplies in them? i still have tons of jewelry making supplies taking over one of the tables in my craft room and it's been awhile since i made any jewelry. i have a pack-rat problem.

i'm also realizing that i need to USE some of my fabric before I buy more. What's up with this weird mindset I've grown up with that fabric needs to be saved for some (non-existent) special, perfect project? What will I enjoy more--seeing the fabric on a regular basis in an item that I"m actually using or petting it on the shelf once a year when I get around to re-folding my stash? :)

Sew Create It - Jane

What a fabulous space!! Thanks for the tour ;o)

Debbie-Esch House Quilts

What a lovely room to create in! I love the wall color - my sewing room desperately needs painting.


What a beautiful room Rebekah! It is very inspiring indeed :) The sheep butts?hysterical.


Love how you hung those photos from Iceland!


oh my goodness- this is absolutely every crafter's dream come true! your room is completely spectacular! i can only imagine the magic you are bound to make in there! love it!


Another lovely crafting / work room that I'm jealous off - someday hopefully ;0)


Brilliant....This is a wonderful space. It must make you happy every time you walk into this room. Hurray for the sheep's butts.

Clever Karen

Looks wonderful, and reminds me how badly I need to do this!


I love your space!!!!! I wish I had a whole room to my self, maybe one day. The mini quilts look great on the wall.


Wow, it's so neat and tidy! If only I had a dedicated craft space. I especially love your shelves and clever use of the Expedit bookcase.


Omg, I love love love your craft room! It is beautifully organized. I wish I had my own space to retreat to. Maybe someday soon.


I love your craft room. I guess this is a nudge that I need to do this myself too. I like the peg board idea. I might "borrow" that one. Thanks for sharing!


I'm drooling all over my little corner of the 'livudio' here.


Wow, you are like... my hero! Great job! I wish I had half your neatness and organizing skills!


that room is so great! you are so organized!

Jenny@Anything Pretty

Love this space! I am am so jealous of your organization! That is something I keep struggling with, so I love drooling over your space!


Love this space!! You've done one awesome job organizing it to fit your needs and tastes! I hope you've found some time to enjoy all your hard work.

Yarny Days

Brilliant. What an awesome makeover.


your room is amazingly organized! have you always been that organized? i strive to do better, but i don't gain much ground, i'm afraid. i'm thankful for the tour and the details that you shared. it's inspriring!

love that the sheep butts make you laugh. good for you for adding them to your wall!

John'aLee Burk

Wow! I need you to come to my new place when I get situated! Your craft room is so inspiring!


your reorg looks great. you have a really great crafting space. i like that you hung your mini quilts too- it's a nice touch.


I'm so jealous, the room is just beautiful!


So. Stinkin. Jealous.
What a fabulous room. Love your sheep butts.

I read about your hunching over to rotary cut. I found that rotary cutting on the kitchen counter is a dream. If you have a long enough counter space. It's nice and high and sturdy. Just a suggestion--you may like it too!


Wow. Uberorganized!

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