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Wow. Just wow. Also, I'm glad Jon has a red jacket, so we can spot him in the pictures when he's far away.

Amy Hodge

Thanks so much for taking the time to put these posts on your trip together. I'm really enjoying them!


What a wonderful trip! Such a unique location--I guess I've never really given Iceland much thought. You've certainly expanded my horizons!


These posts and pictures are incredible. I think you should see about getting a job with Iceland's tourism agency because I am dying to go after seeing all these pictures. The picture of you and John with your crazy wind hair needs to be your holiday card for this year.


ok these are just amazing..think you guys should write a little tour book :-)
And I agree with Melissa - these make me want to go visit now!


Unbelievable! Your photography is just stunning and is really making me want to go there. What a fantastic trip this must have been.


Good grief - this looks like an unforgettable trip. The landscape is so strange, but beautiful. Thank you so much for posting about your trip! My favorite pic is you two with your hair blowing straight up, lol.


Wow! The Northern Lights are so unbelievable!

And tell Jon not every girl had a "horse phase." While my friends were dreaming of owning their own ponies, I was off building castles with Legos.


The glaciers that crackle and pop are my favorite, or maybe the chlorine free hot tubs, or all those sheep, too many wonderful things! You really had an amazing adventure, and it seemed to be more amazing after every turn! And you can tell Jon, I too never had a horse phase... a cow phase yes, but no horses for me :)

Becky P.

These pictures are great. I've been curious about a trip to Iceland, but this makes me want to visit...for sure!


Looks like it was an AMAZING trip! and these photos will bring back each and every memory! your sweaters look amazing...


Just finished DROOLING over your beautiful photos of Day Two and reading all of your adventures. Now I'm salivating to read about Day One. Thanks so much for sharing this! I don't know if I will ever make it over to Iceland, but at least this way I feel like I am experiencing it just a little bit. What a fantastic adventure you two had!

Jenny@Anything Pretty

Okay it is official....I now want to go to Iceland. What amazing pictures and it looks like you guys had an awesome time. Thanks so much for sharing!


Your photography is stupendous! What an amazing landscape.


Gorgeous scenery! You guys were so lucky to go.


oh my goodness - so much amazingness on this trip!
the glacier, the horses, the *sheep*!!! love it all! that last picture of the northern lights is spectacular.
i'm so glad you posted so many pictures, i loved looking at each and every one of them!


holy cow! awesome photos!! thanks for sharing. i think i might just have to go to iceland...


Looks like you had a wonderful vacation - the photos are beautiful!


wow, wow and wow!
iceland seems like such a feast of gorgeous blues! first of all, let me say that your sweaters are AWESOME and so impressive! i'm going to run right over to ravelry after this to favorite them!
lindsey i did some glacier hiking years ago in norway and it was both one of the most terrifying and incredible things i've ever done. incredible!
your mittens are totally adorable and WOWZA is that picture of the northern lights amazing! how lucky that you got to see them!


love your photos!! they makes me want go there!! what amazing place!


I lived in Iceland for a few years it was awesome,i made some great friends have some wonderful memories and i miss it very much. i love looking at your pictures.

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