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Amy Hodge

Wow, the photos are amazing and the trip sounds great! Thanks for taking all the time to put this post together. You are really making me want to go to Iceland!

Valerie in CS

What a beautiful country!


Well now I need to go to Iceland! My dad was there a bit - his dad was stationed there with the airforce after he had gone off to college - so just visiting. But it sounds so cool! and the the sheep!


oh my gosh - i cannot believe how STUNNING this place is. I mean, seriously! I must visit!


You take the best trips ever! I want to go to iceland too! I'd pack one of those sheep right into the car and board him on the plane, they look so sweet :)


Lord of the Rings is right - oh my gosh it's just amazingly beautiful. You guys are too cute!


wowser...that looks so great! so amazingly green! And aren't glaciers amazing?? when they aren't covered in dirtiness, that blue of the ice is the most stunning color to see! And how tall are you?? Harriet seems itty bitty, but you're a full header taller, lol :)


What an incredible trip!! I am so glad you shared with us so we could "go along" with you.


Wow - it's just gorgeous...what an incredible place to visit!


Wow, what a trip. It looks absolutely amazing, and breathtaking. I would love a place like this. Love the matching hats, sweaters, and the yarn stash.


That looks like an amazing trip! The president of Iceland visited here a few years ago to promote their geothermal energy use, which is just so amazing (we have the same potential for using it in Alaska). The only other things I know about Iceland are from watching an episode of "Man vs. Wild." It's better to see it from your perspective ;)


What a fabulous trip! The pictures are stunning.




Oh, my goodness! That must have been such a fantastic adventure. Did you have any problems with that volcano during your stay? I think Amazing Race comes back on this Sunday, so more great places to add to the wish list!


How incredible!!! Great photos, great insights.

And that church. THAT'S my idea of a modern church. Wow. Glad you had such a great time!


oh wow! what an amazing trip! i completely enjoyed looking through your pictures and can't wait for the second installment!


What an amazing trip! Now I want to go to Iceland. (Can't wait to hear about the yarn!)


What a great trip....I'm very envious. Ohhhhh....the yarn!


i want to see more!


Wow! Looks like the trip of a lifetime!!


Wow! What an amazing trip! Your photos are so gorgeous. I really like Jon's photo of the black rabbit and the one of the glacier with the electric blue interior. I've been wanting to go to Iceland for years. =]


Iceland looks phenomenal!!!!
(come to NZ next....geysers and pristine lakes just around the corner from where I live, wool like you wouldn't believe, drop dead gorgeous views, and fabulous food!)

Clever Karen

Oh, I am soooo jealous! Iceland is on my list of places I would love to visit. Your pictures are just spectactular! Can't wait to see part 2!


What an awesome trip! Iceland is on my list to check out someday. Your photos are fantastic!


oh my goodness, i have always dreamed of going to iceland... how fabulous that you got to go (and that you took such fabulous pictures so we can live vicariously!) it looks like an absolute dream trip, i am savoring every one of your shots. i especially love the portrait of jon and the bunnies. too funny! and man would i love to go to that cathedral. so beautifully minimal! thanks for taking us on the picture journey!


what a fantastic trip! It looks absolutely amazing! I would love visit a place like that. you guys are the best traveler couple!

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