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Love the label that you made and how you attached it. The quilt is beautiful and vibrant and your partner will be excited to receive it.


Love it! Love that solid green you picked and the scrappy look. It is so cute.


Very cool fabrics! Your mini looks awesome - that binding fabric is one of my faves.


i love this quilt tag idea and yes, you DO have a cool stash!


Love this! I love that you used green for your background. I definitely want to do something like this for my bed... not sure when I'll ever get round to it though!

Amy Hodge

Totally love the label (and the quilt)!!!

Miss White Wall

Beautiful! I love the colors.


Great quilt and GREAT tag idea! I've renewed my quest to be a better "labeler" and like that idea.


completely wonderful! i love the bright color palette and the label is genius!


Love it! You must have a very cool fabric stash.


I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your label!! I haven't labeled any of my quilts so far - mostly because I couldn't decide how to do it. I think that I see a variation of this in my future...


This is a great quilt - and yes, you have very cool fabrics in your stash, lol! That's too many points for me to handle, but you did just perfect!


Gorgeous Rebekah! I really want to make a quilt like this too! Lucky, lucky recipient :)


Those colors are fabulous! You always do such a wonderful job. I completely understand about getting a headache, but I'd say it was worth it. You did good.


Gorgeous and what a great idea for the label! The colors are so happy!!!


The quilt is lovely! What great colored fabrics.


it's so adorable, rebekah! i love it! i've been tempted to jump headlong into a half square triangle project due to the plethora of them in the blogsphere. they are so fun.

Debbie Grifka

Very cute doll quilt - I'm sure your partner will love it!

Love your twill tape tag. I just got some twill tape too and I want to make tags - you have given me confidence!

Jessica C

I love this -- love the green. Excellent choice. Now make a BIG one. ;)


I love, love, love that fabric combination! It is a good reminder to sew from the stash!


i want to be your swap partner! that mini quilt is stunning!! your fabric selection is amazing! and of course, I LOVE your label!!


I just went through my stash this weekend - not as cool as yours -but cool enough that I have forbidden myself to step into the quilt shop until half of it is gone!

The label is great, too.


Looks great! Reminds me of a block I did for a swap ( The label turned out nice too. I'll have to try that sometime.


That looks great! Who knew those bright colours would look good together. Love the quilting, very striking!
I'm once again pebble-quilting these days, when will I learn??? ;)

Love the idea of the label, too. Did you use special ink? I assume you printed on transfer paper and then it was ironed on or something like that??? Looks so neat!


I love that deep kelly green contrasted with the prints. What a lovely little quilt.


love it! love it! love it! and from your stash?? how wonderful!
and I am SO trying that label idea. I love that too!!


I always love your use of colored solids.


I love it ! The green is a great choice.


oh man, someone is going to love this. I'm not in the swap but I was tempted to just write my name in there on the label.

seriously, it's beautiful.

love that green.

finger thumb

I especially love the two light green patterned triangles that almost blend with the solid green. It really shakes things up design-wise.


you always have the most fabulous of color palettes! what a beauty! i love the labels too, great idea!

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