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I do the same thing (and am glad to know I'm not alone)! I made myself get out there this week. I've continued to neglect the spinach and chard for now, but reclaimed the tomatoes -- they take so much work!

Pesto sounds really good right about now!


wow is all i can say. you put my pathetic little containers garden to shame! i can't wait to redo the backyard and start a new, big garden!


even if you feel you're ignoring it, your garden is looking fantastic!
hooray for a fall full of butternut squash!!


Wow - it's blooming like mad! I hope you find some time and energy to get out there, it's gorgeous!


I see the squash! :) My garden (flowers not veggies) looks awful right now, it's just too hot for gardening anymore.

Jenny@Anything Pretty

I am right there with is sucking up all of my energy and not much is left for gardening. Weeds are winning!


i had a ugly week at work and sometimes is hard work at the garden too.
but yours looks great!

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