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awwww!!!! so cute!! look at that face!! kitties are the best!


hahahaha! so funny! Lola had her beautiful basket bed with a red pillow that I made... never used... :D


I feel the same way about buying toys for Melody. She could play for hours with a empty discarded diaper box.


Yup, my cats ignore their cat beds for boxes too! They get pretty annoyed with me when I chuck boxes in the recycling instead of letting them lay around hehe


You just have to pretend that you're wearing the cat bed to a job interview - then they'll find it irresistible!

And don't feel too bad about the Thai food. We had tacos on Canada Day. We wrote it off as celebrating our multicultural heritage. :-)


I love the utterly stunned look on your kitty's face in these photos! my cats would much rather sleep on my pillow or my clothes than in the bed I knit for them back in the day. In fact, they loved it so much, one of them pooped in it, and that was the end of it.


That is such a cute picture! Maybe the smell of the Thai food is appealing to them?


Too cute! Maybe you need to sew a cat bed that looks like a cardboard box :)


Too funny! Our cats will sometimes sleep in the dog beds - of course, I haven't made them any beds. But they do love cardboard boxes. However, one's favorite place is high up on top of the DirecTV receiver - she loves it.


We put boxes in the cat room (spare bedroom) because they adore them! We've threatened to ship Edgar, kind of a return to sender idea with a surprise, but we just can't do without him. He dominates the boxes, and Lucy and Stinker have to wait until he tires of them before they can play. [Get off the keyboard, Edger!]


Oh yes - there's something irresistible about cardboard to a cat!


he. he. just like children. cardboard boxes can provide hours of fun!


tee hee - too funny!


Pets and kids -- they're really very much alike. I remember getting my kids a play kitchen set, but they preferred to bang on the real pots and pans. What a cute kitty you have.


I donated my cat beds to the animal shelter because they never got used. When he's not sleeping on my quilts, Archie prefers boxes -- and I have to replace them every once in a while because he also likes to EAT them.
Cute kitty!


sooo cute. See, even pets like the simple things in life!


Hehe! One of mine pretty much stalks me until I put a package box down on the floor for him to jump in!

finger thumb

bahaha! Typical. Cats are such ingrates ;)

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