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I'm sorry. I can't stop laughing at your poor male model! ;) What a great sport. Kind of like last month when I made a twirly skirt for a little girl turning four and made my poor five-year-old son try it on for me. Several times. My husband was horrified. But hey, my model was the right size!


How lucky is it that you and your college roommate are still close and that you are making her some wonderful baby gifts! The quilt is gorgeous and I'm glad you mentioned how you worked with the minky.


What a nice friend you are to spoil her with baby gifts. They are all so wonderful. Your husband is such a good sport! The quilt is very sweet and looks very soft and cuddly with the minky back.


is great see you male model again :) he makes me laugh with the nursing cover on him...
you made a bunch of cute presents! love the quilt and the fabrics that you used! you friend is very lucky!


That's one lucky baby girl with so many goodies waiting for her when she arrives! Your husband is such a good sport for modeling the nursing cover, haha!


Wow, what great gifts. I love the giraffe print on the bibs, super cute. Great job with the minky on the backing. I've have the same concerns with it and have never tried it because I was too worried about how it would work out. Seems to have worked out great for you though, so I might give it a try in the future. Glad to see your nursing cover model is back, he sure does a good job.


beautiful work!


So, did you not include any batting in the quilt? I'm thinking of backing a crib quilt for my daughter with minky too, but was planning to put a batting in. I haven't used spray basting yet, but might try it with this.


They are all super cute, but it's hard to concentrate with the FABULOUS red door in the picture!


I love the nursing cover - how stylish! (even on Jon)


what a wonderful collection of baby gifts - that quilt is wonderful - i love the binding, so clever!!


Wow what great gifts - I LOVE that quilt - the pattern is perfect for the fabric!


Fabulous gifts, all of them! That quilt is so precious I can hardly stand it... !


Thats quite the plethora of gifts!!! They're all gorgeous! Love the nursing cover and your male model :-) Well done!

Amy Smart

Lol - I love the nursing cover model!! What a sweet collection of baby gifts. What bib pattern did you use? I need to make some of those.

Debbie-Esch House Quilts

What a lot of lovely gifts! Emily must have been blown away!

Amy Seven-Stitches

Isn't it wonderful when close friends have babies? I know when my university flatmate had her first child I wanted to stitch absolutely every thing I could to inundate her, baby and family with gifts. I had to stop at quilt and bundle of handknitting. I'm sure your roommate will love the gifts. I know I'm very taken with the yellow and teal combination with just a touch of red.


Love that baby quilt. That backing is such a neat *surprise*.


Thanks for sharing the nursing cover link, that will make a great gift for my SIL. I love the fabrics you use for the backing of the quilt, burp cloths and bibs. I really want to try a quilt with a snuggly soft backing, glad to hear it didn't pucker, I was worried about that too.


what wonderful baby gifts! thanks for sharing your thoughts on sewing with minky too.


interesting! i never knew that minky quilts could be batting-free. thanks for posting your tips for working with it. :)


you are so talented! love them all

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