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I live in Fenton and never heard of the Herb Farm. It looks Lovely! Will have to make a point to run over there soon.

I am enjoying watching your garden bed grow this summer and keep sharing the progress with my hubby.


I have been taking a liking to begonias lately too!

Do you live in MI?


gorgeous gorgeous pictures - looks like a wonderful place to visit!


I used to eat at the French Laundry all the time when I lived in Holly (and worked in Fenton)! I haven't heard of the Herb Farm, but I only lived in MI for 18 months. Very nice pictures!


Beautiful! I love trips like this, and it makes me miss working in the floral industry. Bear's Breeches have been a fav of mine too, unfortunately they don't do so well in my soil though. The fairy garden is amazing, I wish I was tiny just so I could wonder around in it!


I am taken by that orb on a pedestal in the greenhouse. It is just so fantastic among the plants. Now, I can see why your garden looks so good - you have great inspiration around you!


I now want a faerie garden -- who wouldn't? What a magical place. You must be so very inspired.


Looks like you had a great day! Zingerman's? You're making my mouth water...gotta get to Ann Arbor soon ;)

Debbie-Esch House Quilts

Beautiful photos! I love double impatiens - I used to have them in my garden every year, but I haven't gotten out to get them early enough in the last few years.


that place is like a beautiful dream! and I think it is perfect to spend the day with mom! lovely photos!


So, so pretty! I just love the flowers!! What a great way to spend time with your mom!!


Thanks for the post - I sent it to my mom who lives near Fenton. This is definitely up her alley!


Gorgeous travel photos!


thanks for sharing a great destination spot!
I'll have to add it to our "go to" list!


so fun! day trips are the best. miss you. xox

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