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Those pretzels look great! Your sweater is turning out so nice as well, although the thought of cutting it has me nervous! Good Luck!


Ugh, your post made me sweat just reading it! Just kidding, but I really am not much of a knitter in the summer. I just don't like knitting when I am hot. Your pretzels look SO yummy!!


I've been meaning to try to make pretzels. It's been so cool here, maybe I should try it soon.


oh thanks for the links! I've been checking out Smitten Kitchen and looking for more food blogs....want to start baking some more!


Oh goodness I can't knit in this weather! Looking at yarn makes me sweat lol But I can still bake... go figure. Those pretzels and cookies look so yum!


Well the pretzels look absolutely delicious - but golly, cooking and knitting during this weather?????? The sweater is lovely, you are so brave to knit in the heat!

Amy Seven-Stitches

I love the sweater. I can hardly bring myself to cut handwork by others (thing vintage linens etc.) let alone my own. All the best for the next step in the cardigan.


I await your steeking results with great anticipation - I've heard of it but never some across someone bold enough to try... Good luck!!


So happy you tried the spelt walnut dark chocolate cookies, even in the heat wave, ha! I have to say, I could bake cookies anytime, any day, in any season. That's how much I love them. And especially that recipe. : )


I so love soft pretzels, and yours look amazing! how sweet of you to find the recipe for your husband! loving that sweater. your stitching looks perfect! stay in the basement...:)


You make me want to try knitting again (I'm horrible -- everything is too tight)...the sweater will be absolutely gorgeous!


yumm yumm!! i too just went through some weird urge to bake up a storm in the midst of the heat wave... sometimes you just need some baked goods!

your sweater is absolutely beautiful, i love that deep dark charcoal grey.


The pretzels and cookies look amazing!
Your sweater is coming along beautifully!


Your pretzels look so good. I'm hoping cooler temps this week will motivate me in the kitchen -- I really haven't been too inspired lately. It's much easier to retreat to the cool basement.


Never attempted making pretzels but I can only dream of how delicious yours are.


I LOVE the pretzels, my true weakness. I love all the links, thanks for sharing!!


Beautiful sweater! I'm sure you will do fine with the steek, I've seen Norwegian women do it without a problem. Good luck!


My mouth is watering at the sight of your pretzels! I've always wanted to make my own...I wonder if they'd be good in a gluten-free variety...hmmm...
thanks for the links!


both the sweater and preztels looks awesome. Can't wait to see the finished sweater. I've wanted to knit that sweater for a while now, too.

Yarny Days

Thumbs up for a beautiful in-progress sweater!


your pretzels and cookies look delicious!

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