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Happy Birthday! I promise you, though, that 30 is really where it's at. ;) I was leery of turning 30, but honestly, being in my 30's (I'm now 33) is my favorite so far. :) Good to know that about the Nook -- I am such a library devotee that the cost of downloading the books is what has kept be at bay from purchasing one. Love your blog, by the way. You always have so much great inspiration, and I enjoy all of your pictures as well.


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! That yarn is lovely...I can't wait to see what becomes of it. I am curious about the Nook... do you miss books? I love the feel and smell and "heft" of books and can't imagine giving that up. i can see the up side of having an ebook but i see some downsides too.


Happy Birthday!!!! Looks like you're having an awesome birthday. What fun treats :) I'm a big list person, and surprised I didn't make a list before I turned 30. Now you have me curious to what you'd put on the list if you did make one. I'm sure there would be some crafty things for sure. Enjoy the rest of your day!


Happy Birthday! It looks like you got some great stuff (I'm totally drooling over that yarn). I'm also curious as to what you'd put on your list if you did make one? :-)


Happy, happy day! Looks like you got some fun presents!


Hi Rebekah!
I just zoomed to your posts from last week to catch up on what I missed - your life looks so happy! I know that usually only the good parts end up on people's blogs, but hey, for all it's worth, I'm glad you have so many good parts in your life!
Wishing you many more of those for the next 365 days!



Rebekah! Happy Birthday! YAY another fun person to share July 25th birthday with! Hope you had a wonderful day!!


Happy birthday!! Looks like you've had a very lovely birthday so far :)


Happy birthday! What great gifts and I love your birthday shirt. Weekend birthdays are the best. Have a great day and a wonderful year.


happy birthday to you!!!
here's to another great year!


Happy Birthday! A Nook is a great present! My husband got one for himself recently. And he loves it. I have been using my e-reader apps on my iPad. So, I have the option of using Kindle, Nook, iBook ....etc. My husband has set up a bunch of accounts for me.


Happy Birthday! I am curious to hear how you like the Nook. It was fascinating to know that you can get library books on it. That would make a huge difference in being able to use it a lot.

Jenny@Anything Pretty

Happy Birthday! What great gifts....I have the Kindle and honestly it has changed my reading life. I was worried that I would never use it and it my most favorite piece of technology now. And it does not have the library function....that is amazing. Hope you had a great day!


Happiest birthday! Did you make your shirt?! It's super cute!


Happy Birthday! I've been thinking about the Kindle and Nook, let me know how you like it.

I would have treated myself to that cute little pouch too, it's adorable!


Happy Birthday! Hope to see you at BMG tonight.


Is it your birthday?! Happy Birthday if it is!

I turn 30 in Sept and I started making that same list about 6 months ago and then realized I was not going to accomplish 1/2 of what was on the list. haha. Maybe I'll commit to better planning in my 30s.

Love the yarn!


From one band geek to another: Happy Birthday! Love the shirt you are wearing in the photo!


Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a good day indeed!


Happy Birthday! Enjoy the nook - I know I do. Another perk - the LendMe program where you can lend other nook owners some of your books.

Unfortunately, my library doesn't participate with eBooks yet, just audio. Someday!!!


feliz cumpleaños! happy birthday!! love the photo of both of you, so fresh and beautiful!
you will se that the 30's are the best! your gifts are pretty amazing, looks like you had a great bday! still enjoying!


Wish you lived closer so we could swap spinning wheels and looms for a few weeks!

BTW, your picture is so much better than mine.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! I can't believe I missed that festival, I drive right by there all the time. DARN! Mad I missed the Ann Arbor Art Fair too. Love the pouch you got, and that yarn is gorgeous!
I'll check and see if Livonia libraries participate in that - how cool would that be!


Happy belated birthday! I love your nook. I've been thinking about getting one. I like the idea of checking out library ebooks, no late fees.


First off -- Happy Birthday! I can't believe your friend is a novice spinner. She did an amazing job with that wool. Enjoy your nook. I'm tempted, but I'm holding on my books for now.


Happy Birthday! And the Nook looks great - I love using the overdrive titles from our library on my iPod.


Happy, happy birthday!

I'd love to know how you like your Nook. I'm holding out, but then I'll need to decide between a Nook and a Kindle.


happy belated birthday! it sounds like you had a nice one. :)


happy (very!) belated birthday! looks like you had an ideal day!

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