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your garden looks so wonderful! i'd say pick the beans now. they will be so tender and yummy! i've never heard of roasted radishes, but now i'm intrigued.


The beans look perfect to me, I'd pick them. Your whole garden looks amazing! I'm a pepper fan too, you can never have too many, in that case.. I hope you grow lots!


Roasted radishes -- that sounds so good. Everything looks so lush. You're officially a farmer now.


I have to check out all these recipes and links! Looks great!


Everything looks great! Beautiful garden. I believe you should pick those beans now, and the more you pick, the more you get. I think...


For what it's worth - they serve beans in restaurants around here (midwest US) that look exactly like that. I say pick 'em and eat 'em up!

Oh, how I wish I could grow a garden!


Your garden is looking great!


Gosh, it looks to lush, lovely! I tried growing bell peppers one year and nothing much happened, it was a very sad crop (one tiny and one tinier pepper off 6 plants...) I think my tomatoes crowded them out (the 15 plants growing around the peppers) Haha :)


wowzers! everything is looking fabulous!!


you garden looks so great! you'll so busy at kitchen!
many thanks for all those links!!


Wow, your garden looks wonderful! We have a very shady backyard and the weather has been so cool. But I think we've finally had a break through! I'm jealous of your peppers; we've only had one so far and the cat knocked it off while chasing a squirrel.


Basil blight?!? I lost all my tomatoes last was terrible. I hope your basil stays healthy. Your entire garden is blowing me away--you guys are doing an amazing job!!!


wow! how proud you must feel to have THIS be YOUR garden! how exciting to grow and eat your own food. standing amazed...

Meg in CT

Thank you for those links! I'd actually been thinking about roasting radishes, as we got two more huge bunches in our CSA box this week, and I'm about maxed out on salads for a very long time! Can't wait to try that recipe.

Also, for crispier kale chips, try baking them for the same time, but at 400. They'll be crisp and just barely browned at the edges. Yum! Happy gardening!


i have actually heard freezing fresh herbs is a good way to preserve them for the winter. they don't look as pretty, but the taste is pretty much the same.

Jacqui Mee a Bee

Wow, everything is looking so great on your blog - your garden, your quilts and the fabulous baby gifts!! You are so busy!

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