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Even with sloppy selvages (really, I wouldn't have even noticed if you hadn't said so) it's one pretty scarf. Love the texture! I also love that unibrow :)


The scarf is beautifully! And really, I think that's about as straight of selvedges as one can get on a rigid heddle. When you wash it, you'll never be able to tell. I'm actually about to sit down and thread my heddle - I've been avoiding it all day .


I LOVE the scarf and honestly for a first project you're pretty bloody picky! I think the tension looks amazingly even. I WANT A LOOM!!!


Your scarf is beautiful. You have such a broad array of skills! The embroidery looks like it was fun, too.


what a beautiful job you did with that pattern! and those flowers in her hair is my fav too. Many thanks for the link to my shop, you are so sweet :)

You scarf is amazing! I love it!! and the colors are fantastic!


I love the scarf! I think it looks amazing! What a great talent. I really like the Frida embroidery. That uni-brow is classic! I love her. I can't wait to see what you make with this. I think a bag would be adorable.


Beautiful scarf! It's not that bad at all. But I understand what you mean since I am just as picky about my own work. Mine is all wonky, but it's part of the learning process. Not sure if this will help (cause mine is not perfect), but my teacher has us double the warp threads on the first two strands and the last two strands. I asked her why last week, and she says it helps newbie weavers with keeping the selvedge straight.


i *love* your frida embroidery!!

and how fun is that scarf? amazing work!!
you have so many talents.


Wow, this is great. You have patterned your Frida embroidery from the real photograph. That’s cool! I also like the scarf; the embroidery was very nice and precise. I love its color, too.
Bordado Punto de Cruz!


I've been doing the embroidery-thing too this week. It is a good warm-weather craft. And Sublime Stitching is a great book, but I've started to draw my own designs (slightly better than stick people - but not much!). And your weaving is lovely. It's very much a learning process no matter what project you undertake. My mother's been at it for years and year -- and she still struggles with some patterns.


Great job on the embroidery! The woven scarf is AMAZING!! I think it looks great!


Your scarf is gorgeous! And the embroidery is cute. Great job with both.


your scarf looks beautiful. especially for a first attempt!


Have to agree with everyone else, great scarf! Also, love the flowers in Frida's hair.


I love Frida too! You did a wonderful job stitching her up. So pretty!

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