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Congratulations on all your finishes!


Wow! You did great. I bet that feels so good to check those off the list. Your weaving is beautiful. And the eternity scarf is so classy. Good luck on your sweater!


All your sewing projects are beautiful! The weaving is gorgeous! I can't wait to take my scarf off the loom. I am using my handspun in a red color. That eternity scarf is so pretty. I have 3skeins of the same color and I still don't know what to do with it.


You didn't have graduating on your list and that is a HUGE accomplishment! Love everything you did, esp. my favorite - the Kandinsky!


Wow! You've accomplished so much! I love the weaving and the eternity scarf. Oh, and those wonky stars!


Looks great - congrats on all your finishes! I love stuff like that...and your graduation gift looks very cool!


You definitely got a lot done. Very impressive. My mom's a weaver -- you're going to love it. Once she started weaving, pretty much everything else got tossed aside. She obsessed.


You accomplished a lot, Rebekah. Congrats on the new loom -- I think it's an excellent graduation present. :) The Eternity Scarf is gorgeous!


What a great gift! I look forward to see your weaving projects.

Congrats on so many finishes, you've certainly been busy!


what a great lineup of projects!
i especially love that scarf! i am going to go look up the pattern right now! yours is just amazing!!


Wow! You've been busy and your efforts have paid off! I love all of it, but that eternity scarf...oh my...I'd love to own that! great work as always, rebekah :)


you are working so hard!!! I LOVE that eternity scarf, is perfect!! and the variation in colors add a special touch :)
and your quilt works are soooo beautiful!!


goodness i love that green yarn. i think i actually gasped when i saw your loom. i want a loom someday. it's up there on my someday list with wood burning brick oven and keeping bees.


amazing! look at all that progress!! I love all the color you have going on in all your projects!!


Fabulous projects - I can't wait to see how that sweater turns out and how the loomwork progresses... That scarf is incredible!!


nice work with your finishes! it looks like you accomplished a lot. as always, i am quite impressed by your knitting. those projects are quite beautiful!


Loooooove the scarf so much.

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