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oh how fun for your dad! and hopefully for you as well!!


Is this your dad who went to Clarkson? Any man who can survive the rigors of that school -- and that cold, deserves a shiny new car. Good for him. Now, you be careful with it (I'm sure he's told you that already).


Ooooh my dad's a car guy too so he'd definitely appreciate your dad's love for this car! Glad you get to enjoy it too hehehe! :)


Yay for your dad!! Hope he enjoys this beautiful car for many years to come.


Sweet! Love the fact that it's not red, so over done. Plus my car is yellow too :)


that is great!! my dad is a car guy too! and is very great see him working with old cars, like boy with toys!
youd daddy looks young :)


Oh Oh.....
50 and a corvette.....
Oh Oh


awww. good for your dad! that's awesome.

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