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That is such a shame. The two yarns worked beautifully together. But I am so glad you were able to save the Plucky Yarn!


what a shame that this didn't turn out very well. it looks beautiful in the photos.


Bummer, I'm sorry it didn't work out. It did look very nice though. And I'm very impressed with your weaving skills!


oh such a pretty yarn! so unfortunate it didn't work out... you make me want to learn how to weave!


I'm with everyone else - sorry it didn't work out because it sure is gorgeous!

Julie Luca

What beautiful colors, they would make great tassels. If you really want to give it away I would love it. Julie


That's really too bad it didn't turn out well because it looks so lovely on the loom!


It's so beautiful, what a bummer it didn't work - but good for you for trying it, you learn something with each trial.


The photos are pure eye candy...even if it didn't come out as you'd like. Hate it when that happens.


Hah, wonder how you'll deal with these comments, looks like Julie wants the yarn! I'm glad, because I'd hate it if the yarn was thrown out, I'm all for saving, but I honestly wouldn't know what to use it for... I like how the colours of the base and weave yarn played together, hopefully you can find something similar but stronger to try again. Can you tell me how much it cost to get the loom and how wide a piece you can weave on it? I'm sure you told us that last piece of info when you got it, please forgive me for not going to search for the info myself. I remember weaving as a kid, don't know where, but I loved sending the shuttle through the layers and then switching them. In northern Newfoundland is a norse site, rebuilt to show where the vikings landed and tried to establish a settlement. they had a Norse loom there that was really simple, using rocks as weights to balance the different backbone threads, what did you call them, the warp I guess. But rather than building my own which then may fail for lack of Viking knowledge (haha), it'd be smarter to buy one ;)


I just realized why I've never joined Twitter and kind of don't understand it - I can't write SHORT things! Most of my comments are book chapters ;) Hope you don't mind


Poor you. I would have been so frustrated. My mom goes through the same thing -- sometimes she starts and stops a project 10 times before getting it just right.


oh, that is sad! the colors are stunning, I hate when things like that happens.


Ah, Noro - beautiful but splitty as all get out! One thing I learned while knitting with Noro is how to spit splice. Yep, totally gross sounding. But it works! Gotta love those tips from Elizabeth Zimmerman.


oh, i'm sorry the project didn't work out - it looked like it had such potential.

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