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Your garden looks amazing! Those radishes are gorgeous. Wow, and that pizza looks so fresh. I am super impressed. My tomato plants are still alive, but they are so small. I don't know if I ever will get tomatoes.


very impressive!! the only thing we've eaten from our tiny container garden is the basil. my green beans are still teeny tiny and so far only 2 of them has come out (i planted 8) =(


your garden looks so neat & tidy ...maybe i should get out (in the heat) & weed mine hmmm looks yummy!


oh man, that pizza looks fantastic!!
what a clever idea to use upsidedown tomato cages for your cucumbers!


Your garden looks great! Those radishes are gorgeous. In California, gardens like this take a ton of water - which is so much work (it doesn't rain in the summer). I used to responsible for growing the cucumbers when I was a child because it was one of the few veggies I would eat. :)


your garden looks fantastic! your pizza looks very yummy too. i might have to try that. pesto, cheeseless pizza is right up my alley!


I am SO impressed with your garden - that pizza looks absolutely delicious! Good for you.


Your garden looks amazing! You will have so many things to eat this year! The pizza looks awesome!


Okay....I know enough not to call you Becky -- but can I call you a farmer? Your garden looks wonderful. You must be so proud! And that pizza (I missed lunch and ate a salad for dinner so I'm drooling right now). Yum.


Wow! I'm so jealous of your veggie patch! It's wonderful. Can't wait to see how it grows.


The pizza looks absolutely delicious!

I started my indoor garden (no lawn with my apartment :( so we'll see what grows this year - I'm doing lettuce varieties, basil and tomatoes. No idea what you do with ocra... but a former boyfriend once made filled zucchini flowers for me, those were pretty yummy (filled with some kind of cream cheese mix), though I admit I didn't much taste the flowers...


I can not even read the word radishes without thinking of the Fraggles.

They look delightfully sharp. Beautiful garden!


yum! those veggies definately found a good use!

Kathy M

The garden looks fabulous. Enjoy!


So jealous! Your garden is beautiful! We're apartment living this summer and I'm missing my garden.

Jessica C

I could eat radishes every day and twice on Sundays. ;) Your garden is beautiful. I covet your basil.


with that pizza my mouth is water now!
I admire how organized you are! your garden is fantastic and the photos of every week are so great!

Clever Karen

Amazing garden!! Wow!

Ann Flowers

Your Harvest looks cool :) I enjoyed each and very picture on your blog and your garden work is appreciated.


I love fresh home grown veggies! If i am allowed to say so, I am a little jealous???(maybe not a little) of having a garden and growing own veggies! Pinch me, please!

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