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wow, the garden is looking great!!


I like your trellis, did you guys make it yourself?


you garden looks great! I can see the working you are doing on it!


looking good!


Everything looks superb! I love the tepee trellis! Nice!


Now let's hope those marigolds do their job and keep little critters and bugs away!


your garden looks so happy! (i've got my first veg garden this year & i'm addicted!) i feel ya on the weeds situation -if you miss a day or two its just overwhelming, but some days it is best to just ignore've probably got lots of beans by now eh? once they get going, they're a lot to keep up on too but so fun to mosie thru your garden & eat right off the bush :) (lots of gorgeous projects & quilts you've got going too!)


Looks great! I am right there with you on weeding. I started this weekend and decided that it was just too hot. Maybe the heat and humidity will be too much for them:).


oh your garden is looking so great. i just Love that trellis!

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