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The garden looks great! Weeding is such a bore, I don't blame you for not being a dedicated weeder!

Amy Hodge

Your garden is doing great! Your comment on wishing you hadn't publicly announced you were going to keep up with the weeding totally cracked me up. :)


I just weeded my garden yesterday so I feel your pain... it's NEVER fun. I still have a sore finger :(
But your garden looks great nonetheless! Yay for the two beans! LOL!


Beautiful gardens!! My "no-weeding" advice: either try Square Foot Gardening next year, or go get yourself some Preen, pronto!


hooray for beans!
the garden is looking great! (i'm a pretty lazy weeder as well, so i'd only help to enable your sparse weeding...)


Yay for the two beans! You're doing great and I hope the natural bug remedies will work.

Debbie-Esch House Quilts

With all the rain we've had the weeds are unavoidable. I'm a big fan of Square Foot gardening too. I plant marigolds and parsley and another flower I can't remember the name of as these are supposed to help keep the bugs down. The flowers take up a lot of the space that the weeds like - I still get weeds, but it isn't a major time commitment to get rid of them.


Not to worry -- we all have weeds! Do you have any marigolds? If not, consider planting them in the corners of your garden -- they will keep some bugs away. Their scent is a natural repellant. And because you started this garden blog business, you do have to give us our weekly updates.


You and your hubby are so awesome! I am sure you will be reaping the rewards of all your hard work.

Although I have a black thumb, I am trying to grow tomatoes in a container. My friend had too many tomato plants and gave me two. I bought some containers and soil at Home Depot yesterday and felt like I didn't have a clue.

This morning, Melody watched while I repotted the plants into the bigger containers. And then I taught her to water them with a cup. Although she got obsessed with only watering one pot! I hope they make it because it is so hot here. Their leaves were a bit wilted when I took them outside.


Good luck with the garden - I'm jealous of your ability to grow ANYTHING. I would celebrate weeds at this point. lol. :-)

Kathy M

You're way ahead of the game, you've got beans! Good work.


Looks like you guys are on the right track with your garden, it always takes a season or two to work out the bugs (excuse the pun, haha)

Jessica C

I am living vicariously through your garden blog posts. With a young, growing business, we just didn't have time to put a garden in this year. I enjoy looking at your stuff growing.


don't worry about the weeds, i think all have them! your garden looks great, Yay for the beans!! hope the little trap works for you, I put many of them on my limes and mangos trees and they are full of bugs! also y sit one in my peppers pot, the antz was eating the leaves and now they are swimming in honey..
thanks for the link :)


good advice on the bug situation. and congrats on the beans - there will be more in the coming weeks, i promise. as for weeding, i usually try to keep up until the first tomatoes appear, then i give up and let nature take over. our radishes are going gang busters too, and my basil seeds finally sprouted, yeah!


I'm jealous of your beans! :) Our plants are trellising nicely, but still no beans. good luck on the lettuce; we're going to put some more in this weekend so we can hopefully increase our production.


i really love your garden posts. it looks like things are growing well so far. good luck with your wedding. at least there has been nice weather to enjoy while doing it!

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