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Ooh, I'm not a knitter, but the drifty pattern is really cute.


Ok, all I want now is some nice cold weather!!!!!!!!! Love this set! Love it!!


Is it weird to make mittens in the summer?? Both the hat & mittens look super cute... In that alternate universe where altnerate self lives, I'm pretty sure she knits! (she's also fabulously wealthy)


ha! what an adorable pattern!
and what wonderful knitting - i always find my tension get all wonky when i do colorwork in the round. yours looks fantastic though!


embroidered cardinals? How cute is that! And how fun to be a test knitter!! I do like the blue that the other knitter used, but the gray you used definitely gives the hat a wintry cold feeling. Very nice :)


knitcast! Oh my! I've been feeling very knitty lately and picked up some new sock yarn yesterday at the yarn shop I happened to *need* to stop at!


These are wonderful! I so admire your knitting skills. They look too difficult for me.

Cheryl S.

Very cool! But, it's 100 degrees here, so it looks very hot as well. :-)


Despite that fact that it is June....I'm ohhhing and ahhhing over your mitten/hat combination. Such a beautiful pattern. Maybe I can convince my mother to give these a whirl.


Looks great! Just to clarify, the book won't be ready until the Fall...lots more work on the back end to get it ready. But I've been so lucky to have great test knitters like you. Thanks!!

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You have made a very fantastic job. Those bonnet and gloves are perfect. It is going to be perfect for winter. I and my kids will going to love those things.


Adorable and cozy looking.

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