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alright, you simply have to tell me your secret to piecing two quilt tops together so quickly! I think I'm the slowest piecer ever.


Super cute quilts - you must've taken some vitamins before starting, lol! Joann's world hq is in Ohio? They have a WAREHOUSE? Well of course they must but I never thought about it before, now I want a road trip!


Well done! Those quilts are so cheery and fun!
I see the Brigton Modern Guild is having a lecture in Northville on Aug 15th. I will be in the metro Detroit area (Novi and then up to Gaylord) Jul 25 - Aug 11th). Bummed I'm going to miss the lecture and the chance to witness the guild in action. We don't have a modern guild here in Syracuse and, right now, I don't have the time to initiate one.


Um, 2 quilts in an afternoon? I need some of whatever sewjo you have! And I'm just coming to the conclusion that I don't quite have an eye for color in the way that some people do...and you're deffo one of those people! So once again, I love your quilts! And the Joann's warehouse to a sewist has got to be the same as crack to a fun! (the warehouse, not the drugs)


Joann warehouse? Um... you didn't take photos?
Great quilts, I love making simple patchwork quilts, very fun. I love the bright colors in the first one.


last april, in Denver I have my first time at a Joann store (we don't have any here)... it was amazing!i can imagine in a warehouse... like a dream!

love your quilts, i think that simple patchwork is perfect for any baby quilt!


You are a machine! They are both beautiful, but I think 2nd one is my favorite.


Those are so very cheery! Looks like you're making the most of your time now that you're off the student clock.... :-)


Oooh cute!!! That's so awesome of you to do :) And I want to go to the warehouse too!


good gravy woman - you're a quilting machine!!

both of the quilts are completely fabulous, but the second one, being more my color palette, eeks out a first place vote from me.


As always, your quilts are gorgeous. And oh-to-be lost in JoAnn's warehouse! That would be so much fun.


That backing fabric in the 2nd one is just wonderful! Joann's warehouse? You were IN it? You... came out??? Gulp!


Love these quilts! You are super fast indeed~ JoAnn's capital warehouse?? Wow. I know that was FUN!!


Hey, thanks for giving us a shout-out! It was amazing how focused you were, and I loved the opportunity to sew with you! Anyone interested in the guild can go to

Jessica C

I do love patchwork, and these are great. So nice of you to make/donate them. And I can't believe you got them both done at one meeting. That's amazing. I have envy, albeit it happy-for-you envy, that you got to go to the Joann's warehouse. That must have been lovely.


So Cute! How's that for productivity, huh? So nice you're making things for charity :)

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