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I loved the Kandinsky the first time I saw it and love it even more the second time!


all those solids are awesome! I love the designs and the colors - great choices. Classic - like Talbots :)

Jessica C.

I remember your DQS7. LOVE IT. Great colors, great design, great execution. I love these, Rebekah. Don't know if I could have chosen either.


I love your bold colors! The circles are so neat. I'll have to try that myself.


Wow, holy Kadinski! That just punches you right in the eye as soon as you see it! Amazing.


How cool!

amy smart

Both are great, but that Kandinsky quilt is amazing! (I'm a fan of Kandinsky - perfect name for the quilt!)


Your Kandinsky quilt is one of my all-time fave quilts. Ever! I love quilts made from solids and you just did some amazing work with that one.

Carol at Serendipity

I think working with solids is an art and your quilts are very beautiful. Very neat.


sew katie did

I love both these quilts and the idea of the chaos with the control...I understand...completely.

And thanks for reminding me of the quilt festival too!


I love, love, love your Kandinsky quilt! If I had to pick only one favorite artist, it would be Kandinsky. He an incredible command of color. Both of these quilts are fabulous!!


So Awesome!! I am in love with the coolness of this quilt!


I love the solids, especially the Kandinsky.


They are both gorgeous - I love the look of solid pretty!


I love both of these - you have such a wonderful color sense! Your Plain Spoken is still my favorite quilt EVER.


I still want to make an all solid color quilt, I even have a plan in my head that I saw in a book a while ago. I guess I just need to go purchase some solids and get to it! These two quilts are awesome, love them!


A quilter after my own heart. I love solids and challenge myself to use them whenever possible. Great work!


I'm not sure I can pick a favorite, I love both of these. I like the use of deep colors with a few brights thrown in. I'd like to work more with solids too, so many ideas, so little time. :)

Carol Hansen

Your absolutely right about solids never going out of fashion.
Your doll quilt #7 is gorgeous.

Kristin Hoog

I LOVE your bright and bold solids! I want to dive into my stash and come up with my own bright pattern! Great inspiration. Thanks


Kandinsky is one of my favorite artists and I love your interpretation of his work! I can't wait to see it after it has been washed too!


I love both! Great work!


you didn't even use a pattern? man you're a superstar!


Both quilts are really special, especially the Kandinsky. So inspiring!


Those colors are so inspiring -- I want to make an all solids quilt too.

Great work!


These solid colors are beautiful all on their own. No patterned fabric required. They are really wonderful.


Love them both, but I'm especially fond of the DQS7 quilt. In fact, I'm in a Modify Tradition swap and I included your DQS7 in my Flickr mosaic of inspiration photos.


i don't think i could pick even two... you do such fantastic work!
but the two you've chosen are certainly amazing!!


Those are both really fun quilts. Nice work.

Jo Doherty

Would love to have a pattern or even a picture of Kadinsky. I love the way you did the large and small working off each other.


I'm in love with your solids! that mini quilt is perfect! love the desing and the colors! Great inspiration. Thanks


this kadinsky quilt is amazing...i love love love it


great quilts! Love the bright colors.


Both quilts would be favorites; but being the art teacher that I am, I would have to choose the Kandinsky quilt. The circular layers of fabric are a great interpretation of his painting. I would stand over that one like a hawk if it was in a silent auction.

Laurel H.

Those are both bright, fabulous quilts!


Love the Kandinsky quilt!

Cascade Lily

I am loving the solids right now too! I agree that fabric choices are becoming overwhelming. I don't even look any more - my stash is groaning and I'm determined to reduce it by at least two thirds before I add any more!

I like both your quilts - you must have really enjoyed doing all those freehand circles - the cutting and the quilting.

But the doll quilt wins for me - love the design and it really works with the colours/solids you've chosen :)


Kandinsky is great. A few months ago I got to visit a bunch of his work at the Guggenheim. The vibrant colors in your quilt are fantastic!


I love these quilts! They are so inspiring!

Sandra Starley

Both quilts are very graphic and striking.
Come see my antique quilt entries


Love your Kandinsky quilt. It's making me think solids for my next quilt.


fun to see those two quilts with many of the same colors but so very different. thanks for sharing.

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