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Wow, this looks like a lot of work but it also looks like a lot of fun! I wish we had some space to have a garden. Maybe one day. I'm excited to see how it all comes along and grows. It looks like you will have tons of great veggies and herbs to choose from daily! Great work.


This looks great! I'm into our second growing season at our home, and I am constantly playing with our three gardens (herb, fruit and vegetable). I look forward to learning some things from you...that trellis is amazing! I penciled it in my wish list for next year. Our improvements for this year were to raise the veg. bed and make a rain barrel. I look forward to reading your garden notes in the weeks to come!


Wow! You are so organized! Last year I planted nothing but tomatoes and lost every last one of them to late blight. I am trying some new things this year... spinach, mint and spaghetti squash. You have inspired me to start a gardening notebook. Hopefully, that will help me remember what did and didn't grow well. Thanks for the inspiration! I'm looking forward to watching your garden grow.


Wow - that is an amazing list! I am a terrible gardner and always let things die - I think it gets so hot here and I forget to water :-)
can't wait to see the progress reports!


Thanks so much for your notes! I might start mine this year, but we'll definitely be ready next year!


Tons of stuff in your garden, very cool! I used a friend's garden one year, and two things I learned: basil from the garden/outside tastes a million times better than basil grown indoors - the flavour is much more intense! And I make the pesto all at once, then freeze it in ice cube trees and plop the cubes into tupperware to keep frozen until I need a cube, makes hardly any mess and means I don't have to wash lots of ziploc bags :)



Yikes you guys have been busy! I'm not much of a gardener... I hope this year I get round to doing more veggies. And definitely more basil... I killed my basil pot plant last year after I picked all the leaves off for pesto heehee


You have the most variety I have ever seen in a home garden. I wish I had thought of parsnips and leeks. We have only traditional beans, squash, strawberries, potatoes and tomatoes. Next year....


I think you're really being ambitious! You've got a great variety going. I freeze my pesto in ice cube trays and then pop out and put in a freezer bag. Oh my gosh, it's so good.


WOW! You have a lot of plants in that garden. I'm not a gardener but looking at yours makes me want to be! I'll look forward to the updates and harvesting!


Wow, you guys are ambitious!!
Makes me wish I had a garden.


I soooo love your gardens--which look like my dream gardens! I can't wait to hear all about your gardening adventures this year!


Your garden looks great! I can't wait to see your progress. It makes me want to go out and expand ours, but I'm trying not to be too over-amibitious in our first year!


that is an amazing list and you a re so organized! can wait to see the progress. This year it will be the first planting directly to the floor for us, we did just on pots before... but i need a list like yours!


wow! this is all super impressive! that trellis is awesome and what a feast you are in for!


everything looks fantastic!
i love the squash trellis!


amazing! xox

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