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Ow fun! What adorable presents and that cake is too cute - and those cookies too!


I meant oh fun - not ow :-)


Lovely work! And that is one cool nursing cover model!


wow! those are such great presents!! the cake is so cute! love the baby berry hat, too sweet!

the cool nunsing cover model makes me smile!


Lovely gifts! Heheheheee, I'm guessing that the nursing cover model is not exactly the one who will be using it. :)


you have been really busy! the cake is super cute and that little strawberry beanie is fabulous!


Jon looks lovely in that nursing cover LOL!

The cake and cookies are adorable! I'm sure your friend's so pleased with your gifts! Utterly cute :) I'm attending a baby shower next weekend and I'm so excited!


Jon is such a sport to model the nursing cover, hahahaha. Love your bibs and burp cloths! Oh and that cake, that is the cutest baby shower cake ever! Love all the icing dots, nice colors!


You and your mom are so talented. Happy Mother's Day!


what a wonderful array of handcrafted gifts you made for your friend, and your mom is one talented baker!


Cutest gifts EVER - love love love the hat - and oh my doesn't Jon make a good model!


love the dots on the cake and your shirt in that last picture is super cute!


Lucky Mom-to-be! Everything you made is cute and that cake your Mom made is unbelievable! She is really talented.


You must be working your fingers to the bone with all that sewing. I'm amazed. And everything looks wonderful. Those baby gifts are wonderful -- she's going to be lucky mom.


what cute baby gifts! your mom's cake decorating skills are pretty amazing!


I'm hosting a baby shower in a couple of weeks -- and there is no way I will have a super cute cake like this one. Go mom!

And nothing like a man in a nursing cover. Wowza!


what wonderful baby gifts! they're adorable! and what a cake! i can see the talent runs in the family!


Jon is adorable. And very secure in his masculinity...


This looks like it was so much fun! I love all the stuff you made, the hat, ooohh my ~ too cute! How sweet of your husband to model the nursing cover, he did a great job! You are so talented at sewing, I'm sure the mom to be will love all of these homemade goodies.

Abby @ Sew Much Ado

What a fun shower! Everything looked perfect :). Your nursing cover turned out great too. I'd love it it you added it to the Sew Much Ado Flick Pool. Here's the link:
Have a great day!


I love the baby shower cookie favors! They are too cute!

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