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Sounds like you're on a roll. Good luck at completing your list, and getting that gorgeous yarn!


wow! it looks like you have been quite productive so far.


You are off to a great start! Congrats! I didn't even bother to sign up for the challenge this time, although I really should have. Hopefully she will hold another one and I can sign up for it. I love that you are rewarding yourself with a little something special. I do that all the time.


Looks like the finish to school has totally energized you! wow! what a list...worthy of the reward!


good luck! you can do it!!
and your reward yarn is absolutely dreamy!!


And you absolutely deserve that reward. If you can finish even half of what's on your list, I'll be more than impressed.


wow, you DID have a productive weekend. good luck on the rest of your finishes!


You are so disciplined to have a list. I think that's great. You have quite the to-do list!

That yarn! I love that stuff. I have 4 skeins in 4 different colors that I have been hoarding.


wow! you are so productive!! good luck! you can do it!!


I made up a list of things to finish and actually chipped away at it the past two nights. It felt good. I'm going to get the tea leaves pattern when I finish up--I love your reward yarn!

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