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This is so beautiful. I love the colours. I have been thinking about making a quilt like this for my nephew.


Beautiful colours! And I always love half triangle quilts.. it's endless what you can do with them. Btw I'm obsessed by that daisy quilting design!!!


A great quilt - with more of that great quilting. Aren't kitties funny?


It turned out beautiful! I love the quilting! What great colors too. Sometimes I do the same thing and think it would be nice to re-do our living room to match my latest quilt. Then I remember I like to sew a whole lot more than I like to decorate and I could just make another quilt to make the current color scheme!
Your cats are too cute by the way. I love their big eyes!


Your kitties are so cute! For some reason I love pictures of cats sitting/sleeping on quilts! And the quilt is beautiful!

Liz Harvatine

Ahh! The cats are so cute!


this is really beautiful. i remember loving the shade of green when you posted it last time. the pattern and the prints are really quite striking and beautiful. i also love that your cats have been enjoying the hammock. too funny!


I love the quilt but the story of the kitties fighting over it is the best! Who would have thought you created such prime real estate?

Tracy in SW WA

Oooh, pretty! Great color combo, great quilting. I love how it's all crinkly & cozy looking (my favorite part of "finishing" a quilt - the trip through the washer!).


Gorgeous - I love those colors.


Kitty fighting - the highest form of flattery! The quilt looks great, as does the quilting!


that quilt is so gorgeous and I think that is the reason about the kitty fighting... or maybe your cats loves those cute ows in the fabric :)

i want to make a quilt with that desing, looks simple, modern and so so beautiful!

Laura Dolson

I'd been following this blog for awhile, and was pretty surprised to see a quilt I recognized in person (from when you showed it in Brighton) among all the other entries I had piled up from the last few days. Lovely kitty, lovely quilt!


It's amazing how cats are drawn to beautiful things. I've found that the prettier the quilt, the more likely you are to have to dig cat hair out of it. High praise from a cat - they don't claim just anything, you know...


Oh yes, that's a prime spot! Love this quilt. The bright green is so cheerful.


I'd sleep on it too, so pretty! I really love her quilting, so nice. This is one gorgeous quilt that I'm sure you'll use a lot. Beautiful :)


I love the colors on this one too!
The kitties are smart -- they know a good thing when they see it!


Another beautiful quilt!! I agree...the colors are awesome and the long arm quilting is beautiful. Did they use a contrasting thread color? The quilting seems to really stand out...I love it!


the quilt is absolutely stunning - i love it!
hopefully the kitties can work out a sharing schedule so there aren't any more fights!


I love it, great colors Rebekah! Your kitties are hilariously cute. :)


Apparently that haphazard hammock is the best seat in the house. And with those brilliant colors, I can see why they are drawn to it. Wait a minute -- are kitties colorblind?


my goodness you're incredible! and i love those colors too--as your kitties show, they are completely irresistible!


That's gorgeous - LOVE the quilting! Too funny about the cats and hammock, lol.


You really are working away to get that yarn. I love that owl fabric!!!!


That green looks great contrasted against the print. This is another stunning quilt.


I'm de-lurking to say what a beautiful quilt this is! What a good eye you have to put all those colors together. And of course, the colors go beautifully with the kitties! Thanks for all the inspiration.

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