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Amy Hodge

Gorgeous charity quilt! And our mini quilts are right next to each other. :)


The Maverick Star quilt looks great! Congrats on finishing up with your Master's.

Amy - parkcitygirl

How exciting to be so near the end of a huge accomplishment! I hope your brain survives :) I need to make a case like that - yours is really cute!


That's a bunch of well done projects - especially the masters!



I dream of the day that I can knit mittens like that. And that quilt is so beautiful....I saw it on Stephanies blog too.


The pouch is so cute, regardless of where the octopus faces. I've never been able to find a mitten pattern that fits my tiny hands so I've had to resort to using a kid's one and amending it to fit me lol

I'm so anxious to see the quilt all quilted! What quilting pattern did you choose for it?


How exciting to finish your masters!! Sweet little camera case, and that quilt is lovely. Thanks for posting the whipup link, I didn't realize it but one of my quilts is in the mosaic. Fun!


Fun post! Congrats on finishing up your masters. Quite an accomplishment. The quilt is amazing and I love your notes about the mittens. Ah, the joy of handmade. The fabric for your camera cases rocks too!


Love the maverick star quilt! What an awesome donation! And also thanks for posting the camera case tutorial. We just did a fat quarter swap last night at our Modern Quilt Guild meeting, and I have two fat quarters just itching to be sewn up into something fun like that. :)


Thanks for the Whip Up link. I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my quilts on there, too!

BIG CONGRATS on your impending graduation!!


Lovely projects, but better yet: Congratulations!!


Congratulations on your masters! Also congrats on getting your quilt on whip up, that's so cool :)

Love your little camera pouch, great fabric too.


Congrats to you on finishing - that's awesome! I love your camera case and your mittens but especially that QUILT!


Lovely collection! That quilt is gorgeous...

Congratulations on the Masters! That is an accomplishment!


Congrats on the completion of your master's!! YAY!! :) I love all of your recent projects!


Congrats on your masters! I am so excited for you.

Your quilts are always gorgeous! What a wonderful thing to do for a charity.

Yarny Days

Congratulations! Big milestone for sure!

And lovely quilt. You always make beautiful things.


Oh how exciting to be finishing your Master's! Congratulations! It makes it even more amazing to see all of the wonderful things that you have made while in school. Being creative has probably been a good change of pace from studying!

Clever Karen

The maverick star quilt is awesome! I made some similar squares last summer so I enjoyed seeing yours. What a great donation. And congrats on the Masters!


Congratulations on finishing up grad school! And I can't wait to see the quilt finished!

Hannah at Chicken Willow

Congrats on finishing your Masters! I love these projects, well done.


congrats for the masters!!!! love all your proyects and that doll quilt, is one of my favs of your quilt and really, is just fantastic!


The freedom of finishing your Masters is pretty amazing. I tell you, it is so very sweet. I'm so excited for you!!!


oh wow - one week away from finishing!?!? wonderful! congratulations!!

all your "little" projects are pretty darned amazing! i love the colors in the mittens. and only you would say that putting together an entire quilt is a "little" project! you're amazing!!


okay how on earth can you post an entire gorgeous quilt under the title "mini projects"? it's beautiful, what a wonderful thing do to! love your camera bag and your mittens too, you always use the most fun colors!

sew katie did

Beautiful post of tactile goodness! I'll have to check out that camera case, I hate mine.


A BIG congrats on your Masters!!! I love your star quilt and I see you were so much smarter than I was with my charity quilt (I had to pick something labor intensive! LOL!).

I need to make a camera case (is on my to-do list). My sister made me a case for my i-pod. I'll post a picture of it on my blog this week.


i L-O-V-E that maverick charity quilt. wow, it's beautiful.

so excited for you for being so close to finishing your master's. yay you!


Congratulations on almost being done your master's. I work in the library field and have thought many times of going back to school for my master's. I love your mini projects and it was great to work on the maverick star quilt with you.

Jacqui Mee a Bee

Congratulations!! that's fantastic!

I love your camera case, I have the same fabric wondering what to do with it ....

Your post about your name made me laugh and laugh!


by the time you read this, you'll be finished!! Congratulations!! sometimes mini projects help us move on to larger projects. and don't you just feel good checking little things off the list?

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