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Thanks for sharing - looks like it was a great quilt show. I've never heard of the Turkish Puzzle Quilt, but it's a cool design.


Wow, gorgeous quilts! I should look it up and see if there's any quilt shows happening in my city.


I am so impressed! These are such amazing quilts. It makes me want to look up local quilt shows in my area. Thank you for sharing.


Ooh, I want to make the optical illusion one, or something like that - I like that version better than the regular bargello.

I can't figure out the turkish puzzle quilt - I don't see how the blocks are repeated - did you find them?



I am in LOVE with the water lily quilt. It really has such a beautiful realism to it.


Wow -- those are absolutely amazing. I couldn't dream up such wonders, much less create one.


Wow, what amazing quilts. I am amazed at the optical illusion one and the detailed machine quilting, oh and those tiny pebbles! All of those must have taken a lot of time. Just beautiful, I want to go to a quilt show, I need to find some in my area.


oh my goodness... so much stunning beauty! i really enjoyed looking thought all your pictures on flickr. thanks for sharing!


thanks for sharing! those are so beautiful! I want to go to a quilt show but sadly i think they do not exist in México :( but in some great blogs like yours, shows fantastic pictures of them!

sew katie did

Maybe sometime when I pull thorough we can go to a quilt show together!


i think it is impossible for you to step up your game... i mean, these quilts are wonderful but yours are already completely phenomenal! you have a style and sense of color all your own and it is completely wonderful!

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