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I love it! And you just gave me an idea for the quilt that I want to do - thanks! Also, I don't think I congratulated on finishing your degree - Congratulations! That is so wonderful.


I love it Rebekah! Great job on the loopy quilting, it's super cute :)


I love simple quilts that show off the fabric so well. Very cute quilt with those little hedgehogs. Very cool of you to donate the quilts. I need to do that more.


Absolutely beautiful!


Wow, I love the colors and prints in this quilt.


what a wonderful quilt! i love the hedgehog fabric!
you are so generous to donate the quilt, you will make a young girl very very happy!

Amy Hodge

This is really cute. I love the mix of solids and prints!


I love this! The hedgehog line is just gorgeous, one of my favourites. The solids you added are just perfect!


The solids really make it pop!

Liz Harvatine

Nice work on the quilting! I'm very impressed. I have a hard time free motioning anything but stippling.


Love it! I really like your loopy quilting, even more so that it is in a straight line. I'm going to have to try that. I just purchased some hedgehogs, they are too cute!


Oh this is wonderful - someone is going to just love it! I'll have to check out Children's Village.


so, so wonderful Rebekah!!
and so is your beautiful new header. just perfect!


Beautiful, Rebekah! I really admire your quilting abilities.


I really like the simple squares and the quilting. Beautiful!

Sad to hear the fate of the big zig. A couple years ago I also made a similar top and it has yet to be quilted. Do you think a long arm quilter would have been able to do what you had in mind?


i love it!! i like how looks the simple parchtwork and that funy quilting together!!
do you used a home sewing machine to do that? that kind of quilting i only did it in a small proyect, like pillows... it is hard to do in a quilt like yours?


I love this! What great fabric! And the quilting is fantastic. So nice of you to donate your time and talents.


It looks warm and colorful and I'm sure this quilt will be very much appreciated.


I'm always amazed at the ease in which you are able to give away your masterpieces. They are such things of beauty and yet you part with them. You must be a very generous, big-hearted woman. Someone, somewhere is sure to cherish them.


wow! I love it!


oh the quilt is wonderful and the hedgehogs are adorable!!!


That quilt turned out great! Charity quilting is so rewarding. I love the loopdeloop quilting you did!


very nice! i have a soft spot for just plain squares quilts. love them.


i love this quilt! great color choices!

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