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I'm so jealous of your little growing garden! I really want a vegetable garden too, but I'm the absolute worst at keeping plants alive. And that's a great shot by your husband! I wish my boyfriend was into gardening, even just a little bit, but I doubt that he'd be any better at it than me.


Your garden looks great! I've been a little overwhelmed with all the yard work that our first summer in our house entails. So I'm planning to buy my plants this year, but hopefully grew them from seeds in coming years.

Good work!


Yaaaaaay congrats on finishing your degree! You better get busy with quilting now... no excuses! Heehee!

I haven't even thought about our garden... my husband has yet to bust out the lawnmower! I think it's too cute Jon's so into his Japanese garden lol!


Are you totally finished with your degree now? If so, it must feel absolutely wonderful! Are you a flautist, also? So many talents!


That's so cute about Jon and his garden - I love to see my hubby excited about stuff. And congrats!!! How exciting - enjoy all your free time!


Yahoo! No more classes. It's so refreshing to just *live*. It looks like your days are full of goodness now. And Jon and growing moss--so great!


congratulations on finishing!!
glad you enjoyed your weekend - the garden is looking great!


Looks like you're livin it up! Way to enjoy the free time!

I have at least three lonely chive clumps. I really need to use them more!


i know what you mean about cute men loving nature--i love it when jay gets excited about our birdfeeders!

congrats on your degree--i told you you'd finish yours first. jealous!


Congrats on your degree! Your free time must be so lovely, and you've earned it.
Your garden looks like so much work, lol - I've never had one, but I'd sure love to try. I'll check out the site you linked!


I grew moss for a while, well until we had a kid and replaced that area with a swing set. Looks like you have been enjoying your days, and it sounds like lots more fun things are on the way. Enjoy this time and I can't wait to see what you plant in your garden.

Liz Harvatine

Congratulations! I'm sure being finished feels wonderful. Enjoy your freedom. Can't wait to see the quilts!


Don't forget to say something delightfully hoity-toit and follow it up with a smarmy, tongue-in-cheek, "I have my master's degree, you know..." Preferably with a faux british accent. You have earned it!!

I wish you a bountiful harvest and Jon a successful moss-ing.


Congratulations! Now you can craft to your heart's content.

I love seeing the garden in progress.


congrats on finishing your degree! woohoo!


yeah for you! school complete- check, check. now on to bigger things!


is great hear you are enjoying your freedom :)
love gardening too. Hope this will be a great year for harvest! Jon's photos is so cool!


Congrats on finishing school. What a wonderful feeling that has to be. Here comes a cyber pat on the back!

And yes, your chives look lonely. I have all my herbs together in a little bed together. And of course, that's where the dog likes to sit. No lonely chives in my garden. Good luck with those seeds. I never have much luck planting from seed -- fortunately there's a little flower barn up the hill from where I live and I am always sneaking away to buy just one more thing for the garden.


such a wonderful way to start off relishing in the completion of your degree! a huge congratulations!!!

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