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how fun! Your pictures are gorgeous too!


I was just transported to age 5 watching the opening credits to Mr. Roger's Neighborhood!! That is an awesome tool and your shots are amazing!


I love the pics. So that's how they do it!

Amy Hodge

Awesome job on the photo alterations! I really can't believe some of these were actually full-sized. And good luck with the sweater!


The paris roof tops really looks like minature buildings. So fun! I played around with that site too, but at the time didn't have to many good photos on my computer to play with, I need to try that again. Your sweater looks really good, I hope you can get it to where you like it. It would be ashame not to be able to wear it.


I love those pics - I'm going to have to try that out!

Good luck with the sweater - it's very pretty so I'm sure you'll be able to tweak it to perfection...


Bummer about the sweater. Looks like it will be worth the reworking. It is beautiful! That picture tool is so cool!


The pics really do look like miniature scenes! Esp the ones of the Paris rooftops and your garden!

Good luck with the sweater... I made one sweater and that was it for me hehe


That tilt shift maker looks like hours of fun! I thought the pictures were of mini-scenes, too! That sweater is lovely--I've eyed that pattern and can't wait to see it worn out!


this is wonderful procrastination! love those tilt and shift pics!


well i am glad that you have decided against never knitting a stitch again *ever*! :)
sometimes a little tantrum is just what we need to put things back in perspective!

what a great photo site - your pictures turned out really fun! i'll have to go check it out!


Your tilt/shift photos look fantastic! They are running an ad on TV for Chattanooga, TN tourism that is all done with tilt/shift. Your pictures are better!


sorry about the cardigan! That photo tool rocks, there is some serious cool going on in those photos!


Brussels! :-) xox


The sweater looks fine in the picture. I'm sorry you were so frustrated by the whole thing. We've all been there -- if it's any consolation.

And those photos are so cool. I must try this.


your sweater color is lovely, and I'm sure it will look even better when it's on you!


Your sweater is pretty - I can't imagine having to re-do some of it, I hope it works out ok! I LOVE your pics - that's one of my favorite all-time tricks for photos, and yours turned out fabulous!!!!


Where is that restaurant in Kyoto. Looks gorgeous! I'm about to go there at the end of the month for a few days! So excited!!! Anywhere you recommend going?


i'm sorry that your ravelympics project didn't turn out great. at least you know how to fix the mistakes, though. :) i considered joining in, but i'm kinda glad i didn' face would probably be covered in cold sores if i had. and i certainly don't need that. :)


your sweater looks wonderful! congrats!
and the tilt-shift looks great! have you seen this?


your cardigan looks so pretty, love the color you choosed for it! all the photos are amazing!


that little tilt-shift maker is so neat! it's amazing how little and toy-like it makes things look.

finger thumb

whoo-hoooo! Thanks for the tip on TiltShiftMaker. I can't wait to mess around with that.

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