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i'm sorry, i dont have any suggestions, i neven been there...
but I hope you have a great anniversary getaway!


When are visiting? I don't live in Toronto anymore...but lemme know if you swing by/through London! I'll email you some links that you can check out.


I wish I could help you but I have never been. I hope you have a great time when you do go!


How fun! Can I come too? lol! I can't help since I've never been... my only link to Toronto is the baby shop that stocks my quilts hehe


Have to go to the CN Tower because you're actually not allowed to be a tourist there without going. I found out the hard way. Since you're arty people, I also recommend the Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario. Those are my nerdy suggestions.


Hi- I found your blog by accident (long story involving googling and stupidity in about equal measure) but since I lived in Toronto most of my life, I think it might be a happy coincidence. What sort of things do you and Jon enjoy? And when are you planning to be here? Maybe I can make some suggestions. :D


Casa Loma - the Science Center - Eaton Centre - the Royal York Hotel - Young Street - Chinatown - oh Toronto is AMAZING!!!!


What fun! Hope you find out lots of great tips, wish I could offer some. The one and only time I was in Canada I was in elementry school.


I'm embarrassed to say we've not seen much of Canada, but I sure hope you share all your adventures! and happy anniversary (early)!


Sounds like fun....Check out Flowerpot Designs (link is on my blog). Flora lives there. She would be a great one to ask. I only like about 5 hours away, but I've never been to Toronto.


ooooo, I love Toronto.

The Art Gallery of Ontario is a favorite. Also, I really like to get trip-planning books that include DIY walking tours, did a great one around Cabbagetown last time i was up there.



Anything in particular you want to do?

Also, I'd recommend getting an used copy of Secret Toronto, which is a great not-touristy tourist guide.


Hey there,

Jodi sent me your way... I'd suggest staying near/on the subway line. It will make getting around Toronto easier.

Shopping - Queen Street East for clothing shops and boutiques; Queen Street West for artsy things.

check out Kensington Market (sort of behind Chinatown) and St. Lawrence Market (food market on Saturdays and Antique market on Sundays).

Enjoy... if you want any other recos leave a message on my blog:


A little random, but some of the stores I like to visit while in T.

And Queen St. West.


Hi, I just came across your blog through my reader's recommendation and saw this post. I live in Toronto so I thought I'd put in my 2 cents.

You definitely have to visit the St. Lawrence Market, there is a little Italian sandwich place in the basement (right by the stairs, opposite to a bakery and beside a Greek place) that you have to try out. I recommend their chicken (or veal) and eggplant sandwich. If you like fresh seafood, there is a little place on the ground floor at the south end of the building that has great fish sandwiches.

You need to go the AGO (there is a King Tut exhibition there until mid March I believe) and the ROM.

There are also great opera, ballet (, symphonies ( in the city.

Definitely stay downtown, there are lots of pretty affordable places south of Bloor Street, and you can pretty much walk to everywhere, or the subway. What kind of budget do you have in mind or do you have any specific interests? You can leave a message on my blog at and I can give you some more specific recommendations.


Omg, have fun! My husband and I love Toronto, but haven't been there in ages. I have family there, so they always take us to the giant Chinese Malls and all the yummy Chinese food eateries.


not sure how long youre going to be in my wonderful city but you def have to check out:
-kensington market
-china town
-queen st west...and even further west...just keep on walking. (queen west of spadina has heaps of button/fabric/trim shops)
-Mountain Equipment Co-op on King and Spadina (ask anyone) - truly canadian outdoor gear, fleeces, bags etc. perfect store for a unique souvenir of your trip as most items have the MEC logo.
-CN TOWER...try to plan for a clear day.
-rent a car and go to niagara falls...easy 90 minute drive along a main highway
pizza libretto for tasty 'za
pho hung (spadina) for tasty cheap vietnamese
yonge and dundas square for a huge shopping mall and lots of action. too much to post...
toronto is fantastic! hope the weather is good!! we just got a dumping of snow last night!


the embarrassing thing is i read your blog all the time and have been living about half an hour outside of toronto for the past 4 years (originally from way out west) and basically never go downtown. in 1998 i went to the AGO with some friends on my first trip to toronto, and haven't been back since. think about going all the time, but haven't gotten back yet. went to the ROM a few years ago with some visiting friends from boston. it was interesting but didn't totally love it... but there was a lot of construction at the time, now it's all renovated and i am sure would be much improved. the cn tower is one of those must-sees... walking on the glass floor, etc. :) queen street west is where i believe there are also some fabric shops or so i'm told (or maybe it's east? maybe google it).

i'm loving reading everyone's recommendations.

finger thumb

Oooh, I hope I'm not too late to get my two cents in.
There are two pretty cool hotels way down on Queen St. West, one called the Drake (kinda expensive, but very cool and scene-y) one called the Gladstone (not as expensive, but still not cheap, but has rooms decorated by toronto artists). Also, they host a lot of art shows and interesting events. From there you could walk to the Knit Cafe
or the Workroom
and a ton of other cool shops. You should definitely go to Romi Wools
while you are there, because they have everything. Not as cool as the knit cafe, but way more stocked. Catherine Mulherin
is a good gallery to go to, also Paul Petro Gallery. And maybe even check out the Distillery District
on the East side of town, its a really interesting art/cafe filled place that used to be old distillery/factory buildings. Maybe a bit gentrified/trendy, but still cool if you have time.

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