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Unfortunately I haven't had the time to make anything from books! I've had many, many things bookmarked though hehe


I still have so many projects I want to make, and didn't get very much done. Well only one to be exact :)


It just dawned on me that my latest finish was done from one of my favorite books - I'm off to enter!


I made a few projects using idea books....The one I'm posting is actually a spin off the tote I made back in January. Larissa from Stitches in Play posted her version and I followed her tutorial. She makes things so easy.


I've been flipping through my craft books and post-it-ing potential projects!


This is such a good idea that you are motivating me to go look through some of the books I've bought!


I love my Zakka Sewing book. And I really enjoy your blog, too! :-)


ugh - failed miserably on this one! I need to have a plan!

Amy Seven-stitches

It was such fun and motivation to get at least one thing done. I;m looking forward to exploring the flickr gallery.


oh i totally dropped the ball on this one. and i am so sad, because that bag is completely amazing!!

i still plan on making my long-neglected project... but as you can guess i will continue to neglect it for a while before actually getting around to it :)


i'm happy the flickr group continues open! the challenge and group was a brillian idea!
these is the link to my finish proyect:[email protected]/4299946973/in/set-72157623048864817/


ps. love the bag! and many thanks for the chance to win! you are so generous!


I'm working on something right now from a Japanese quilt block book. I'll post in the group when I get a chance. What a great idea!


Oh, my crafting has really fallen off this past month. I just barely started on the first practice sock from New Pathways for Sock Knitters. Please don't include me in the drawing - I didn't actually finish anything during your time frame - but many thanks to you for the inspriration and encouragement. I'll finish that sock sometime soon!

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