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I'm glad you put a mosaic of the projects up. That is a really good idea!


I like the mosaic too :).. I'm glad you're going to make this an ongoing thing b/c I found out about it at the last minute so did a quick project with my daughter! thanks for organizing this :D


So many great projects were made. I really loved the push to make projects found in books. I am still keeping my list and hope to tackle some more.


What a wonderful photo mosaic....Lots of really great ideas. Thanks for the opportunity. That was a very generous giveaway.


Congratulations Sam! I love the photo mosaic, what a great idea - those are just fabulous projects. I think they're all winners!


Oh, thank you so much for such a great giveaway! I'm absolutely thrilled to have won, and I really enjoyed looking at all the lovely things people have made :-)

Clever Karen

I wish I had had the time to join in this project. I certainly have a stash of project books collecting dust on my shelves. It was fun to see what everyone came up with! Thanks!


I love that this is a monthly thing now because I didn't get around to using any of my books this month like I had planned.


congrats to Sam!
amazing mosaic photo!!

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