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i love your cupcake dish. so cute.


I went to a paint your own pottery place, on vacation once. Andy and I each painted a dinner plate, so that we would have fun dinner plates. We still bring them out and use them from time to time, it was such a relaxing time, I'd like to do it again. Love all of your pieces, and I love how fat that cat bank is!


I am more of a crazy dog person, but I love that kitty bank... :)


How fun! I'd have to drag my husband to that kicking and screaming, so kudos to Jon for going with you guys! And I don't fancy the diaper / crazy baby talk either. Blech.


That fat kitty bank is cute, your boy has some skillz! And of course, cupcakes are fun too :)


adorable cupcake... but i think that kitty bank is hilarious! love it! well done jon!


Great job on the ceramics! That little cupcake is too cute!


ROFL - I can relate to Jon's discomfort - been through it but I'd rather not talk about it! LOVE the cupcakes and the bank, great job. I had to stop people from getting me cat me a crazy cat lady, that's fine, but don't get me cat stuff!


That cat is great! I see the likeness. And Jon must be an amazing sport.


I take the boys to a similiar shop each year at Christmas. I enjoy it so much! Love your projects!! what a good sport your husband is.


hahahahahaha! love your ceramics!


Love your cupcake! Your husband is such a good sport and the cat he painted is very cute.


oh my goodness- you ladies are professionals! i am wildly impressed!


oh, goodness i pushed the send button before i got to marvel at jon's cat too! seriously, you all completely put any 'paint your own pottery' i've attempted completely to shame. and hooray to jon for being such a great sport!

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