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Tayla B

That is funny. My sister almost bought me that exact same breadbox... After she told me about it it was hard not to buy it myself! ;)


i'm sort of surprised my butt isn't imprinted into our couch from Super Mario Bros Wii... it's imprinted because of other nonsense (TV shows)


ooooh i'm super jealous of your breadbox... i'm thinking about how soon i can get to target!!!

we have mario bros wii too, but lily and i are not as good as jon and your sister - we're only on level three!


I've wanted a breadbox for the longest time but I have nowhere to put it. Plus I have no real need for one seeing as my cats are fat lumps who can't jump :) Still, I kinda want to go to Target now... Hee!

That last pic is hilarious... my husband and I look like that except he's watching a movie and I'm binding / quilting a quilt hehe


That bread looks delish! After finding out last night we have mice in the house I'm grateful for my two cats and our trusty breadbox. Hope you enjoy yours!


You two are very cute!


Gotta love Target....They do come through with some really neat stuff. Maybe you need to get the Wii fit. Just a thought.


I have the same bread box! I thought you snuck into our house and took a picture. I really deliberated between green and orange but ended up with the green.

Mario Wii is totally evil and addictive.


So cute....and I love your new breadbox! And I still haven't caved and bought a Wii will happen, though.


Hahahaha, love that photo of your sis and Jon, they look like two wii zombies! At least they are both rockin' the quilts!

Your breadbox looks awesome, but I'm really eyeing up that bread...yum!


We love that game too - my brother watched our kids for a wedding in Dec. and wouldn't leave after we came home because he was so into playing....
And that pizza sounds so yummy - just got that book out again - need to buy some yeast!


Cute breadbox! I understand the carb-loving feline... Mine has an addiction to lightly salted potato chips, popcorn and french fries. It's so bizarre.


i bought a similar bread box on ebay a few years back for my sweetie on his birthday. the vegan pizza looks SOOooo yummy! I love vegan pizza.


That pizza looks delish! So does the bread. That book is awesome.


what a fun post! love the breadbox and especially the bread inside! looks yummy--- and the BEST part is both your funny description of the couch-workout and the glorious quilts that played their part in it. love those colors! (and i've already told you but i'll say again that i adore that marimekko (sp?) canvas you made!


I LOVE that breadbox!

I just came across your blog from someone's Flickr. My name is Rebecca and whenever anyone asks me what they can call me I ALWAYS say "Rebecca, Beca, Becks, whatever, just don't call me Becky."



I love it - it has a retro feel to it. Cute pic of the couch potatoes, lol!!!


I love the new breadbox! Probably because it's looks retro like you got it at a flea market.

That pic is so funny of the 2 of them on that couch.


Seat outlines - too funny! Me and Mario don't get along too well, unfortunately. I tried playing this with my family, and it didn't go so well. lol


hilarous! what a great post. before i looked at the faces on the couch, it could have appeared that you were fighting..your own space and quilt with a definite space, but then you realize that it is not you! good thing your sister could keep him company, sort of!


Cute bread box! I would love to come home to fresh baked bread.


love the bread box. love the quilts and the looks on their faces.... so familiar...


oh my god. we've been playing mario non stop. we are ADDICTED! and i love that bread box!


Love the breadbox... and the bread! I've been seriously considering buying the Artisan Bread book... I love the John and your sister are covered with your quilts... how fun!


great bread box and what a great bread Jon made!! funny photo os yous sis and Jon. I love see people using quilts in home!

Chris M.

Where did you get the artwork behind the sofa, the one of the trees? I love it!

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