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I am glad to hear you guys are okay. I had fires in the kitchen before, scary stuff.. The fries look delicious.


oh dear! glad to hear that you were able to get things under control before it got too crazy. also a bonus that the fries were tasty too. :)


Oh my! Glad it was just a minor escapade... the french fries look yummy though... a nice "reward" for your firefighting efforts!


oh my goodness! i've never had a grease fire but don't know if i could be as calm as jon was.
glad that everything turned out okay *and* you still got to enjoy the fries!


I would not have been calm. The pommes frites look great!


Yikes! That's scary. But, all's well that ends well -- and in the end, it looks like you had a delicious treat.


Oh no! This weekend there was a little fire here (not here, here-but within the school house) Same thing happened. All was well and ok, nothing was damaged, but it did give me an excuse to evacuate and head to the bakery for a bit. I'm glad you are all well and safe!


Good grief!!!!!!! Good for him for staying so calm under pressure - my heart was pounding just reading about it! Love the cones...


Eek, Jon has a fairly dramatic cooking style!!!


Well done, Jon! Not too shabby - no panic, fire put out, delicious-looking fries.


I would've been running around screaming! Love the cone :) Fries look great though.


I know I shouldn't be laughing. It's like when someone slips and falls I suppose. But the image of Jon calmy asking for help whilst dousing flames is quite funny to me. I am glad everyone is safe and the fries look absoltely delicious.


yikes! I love his determination to keep on cooking! and what perfect cones.


My husband is Belgian and loves to make fries. I got him a countertop deep fryer last year and it was the best appliance purchase EVER. Beautiful fries (and donuts, and fish, and chicken, and cheese curds...) and it doesn't stink up the house or spill oil like a frying pan. Highly recommend it if Jon is a fry guy!


Oh goodness lol! I can't imagine that happening in this house without panic hehehe!


good for him for not giving up! those look delicious...


ohh!! I'm glad to hear you are fine! those looks so great!


yikes! glad everything turned out fine in the end- those fries look amazing!!!

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