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Wow, it's beyond gorgeous!! I don't know if I could give that away.


love it! lucky recipient ;)


That's lovely, I really like the white sashing, it sets the colours off wonderfully!


Very impressed! I can't believe after all that hard work you will be giving this one away, that's one lucky person!!! I too have used Julie's binding method for joining, isn't it wonderful! It's funny we must read some of the same blogs, because last night I was purchasing fabric from Amber's destashing sale. She has some nice stuff!


Stunning! You should be very proud. I wish I took the time to make figure out my fancy sewing machine. haha


Absolutely beautiful!!! I do love a good nine patch. Maybe that's what I'm going to do with all of my scraps after the infamous scrap quilt is finished (will it ever finish...?)


It looks great! I finished mine at the same time as Amanda Jean, but didn't quilt it yet. Yours looks so awesome, now I want mine done, too!


Love love love!! The colours are amazing!


oh my goodness!! this is beautiful!! I love it! your quilt project sounds like my progress on my February Lady sweater! my Christmas deadline came and went, but Valentine's day will not pass without a wear!


That looks amazing - mine are all still sitting in a sad pile on my sewing table - I need to finish some more to have enough for a quilt...and thanks for the link - you are so sweet!


It looks great! I actually made the same top before AmandaJean started her quilt along - and I STILL don't have it quilted. You have inspired me to move it higher on the list.


every time you finish a quilt i think, "now *this* one's my favorite!" but you have honestly outdone yourself this time - all the nine patches are amazing - but i love love love the border of little squares. it's the perfect touch that vaults this quilt from amazing to super-amazing!!
this one is *totally* my favorite!!




Oh Rebekah, it's gorgeous! Congratulations on finishing it!


positively lovely! you did yourself proud. i had wanted to do the quilt along but it just didn't happen...why does that happen with projects?


I love it! Beautiful job, Rebekah!


That is too pretty to give away! I love the colors of it and the whole thing came together beautifully. Good idea about the Ikea sheet, too.


How beautiful! I don't think I could part with such a beautiful quilt, but I'm sure the recipient will adore it.


lucky recipient! it's lovely...


Gorgeous. I want a leaders and enders project, maybe I'll do that. Did you sew the binding on and finish it in one evening? If so, do you hand finish or machine finish your binding? I am so slow at that - it takes me days to hand finish anything bigger than a lap quilt.


I could stare at that beauty forever. I absolutely love the way the squares are bordered. You did a beautiful job.


looks fab - really beautiful!


simplemente hermoso! (sorry i must say it in spanish) that quilt is beautiful, i love it!!


It is so beautiful!


Did you quilt it yourself?



PS - love the new banner.

Amy Seven-Stitches

It is just beautiful. Well done and it must be so satisfying to have it finished after a long journey in the making.


I have ALWAYS wanted to make a nine patch! Congrats is looks great, and thanks for the link to the 'perfect binding' I bookmarked it and will use it next time I've got something to bind up.


oh my goodness!!!!
i absolutely love it! your color sense is absolutely superb as always. wonderful!

Margarida Godinho



your nine patch looks great! i love how the white sashing looks with the blocks of these quilts.

isn't it a bit unbelievable how many quilts amanda jean manages to finish? i really cannot figure out where she finds the time!


looks fantastic!! one day i'll finish mine... i'm glad my binding tutorial was able to help you out!


That is gorgeous!


Great colours, the quilt makes all the 'happy' bubble out of me :)


I love your 9-patch, Rebekah! Great colors! I'm very tempted to make one for myself.


This turned out so beautifully! Great job :-)


the nine patch seems to be my favourite pattern for a quilt...... and yes Amanda is completely amazing!!! i miss her blog so-o-o much.

you did a marvelous job.....


Rima Aranha

Just gorgeous. Vibrant colors.

finger thumb

so gorgeous! I can't wait till I'm done my nine patch. you are my inspiration.


this is wonderful! i love the colors you used. i can't believe you are going to give it away! oh, and thanks for quilting along with me. :)

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