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I couldn't agree with you more. The errata with Weekend Sewing is way over the top. Nice eye candy though.


I'm sorry that the Weekend Sewing zippered pouch pattern didn't work out for you, but I think it's gorgeous! I love the fabrics you selected. The Flossie Teacakes tutorial looks very similar to a pattern I use, and I really like the zipper method.


Wow - I LOVE your projects - I think you did great!!! Love the fabrics you used. I have a horrible time following a pattern - but I can't knit to relieve the stress, lol.


Your projects turned out great. I felt super defeated by the bias tape bag--that handle threw me for a good one. Next one I make I'm going to check out that handy tutorial!


Your projects look great! I'm glad to hear I am not the only one who has had problems with Weekend Sewing. Each time I have sat down to make something from that book I find that I unexpectedly did not have enough fabric. Because if this, I have yet to complete a project from this book.


I made the Wrap Skirt from Weekend Sewing and loved it, but I had to use several more panels than even the errata called for in my size. I am still happy I own the book, but I think they needed more test sewers. Almost everything I see made out of it the sewer has made an adjustment (or modified it for their own design elements, which means they can't tell if they needed an adjustment).


i love the corduroy bag - it's perfect!!


You really made some great things - love that green bag. Thanks for the zip bag link - hopefully I can use it to perfect my zipper pouches.


oh my goodness, you are so good! they are completely adorable!


Your projects turned out fantastic and I love your review and comments about the patterns you followed. It is so helpful to know about problems ahead of time.


okay, so I totally missed the requirement to do the projects in one month! I'm using your challenge all year, to complete projects along the way. I'll post my success in april. I think your bags look great! I'm just beginning my sewing adventure, so all your tips really help us beginners!

Rima Aranha

I love all your work! Great color choice.. and super dumper finishing.


great proyecto! i love that corduroy bag, is so simple and pretty!!!!

sew katie did

I have some corduroy I have been dying to make that bag with from Weekend Sewing. I think it's been sitting in the bowl waiting next to my machine for over a year.


You are so amazing. I love all of these projects!


I think the first make-up bag looks fantastic, but I love what you've made from my tutorial - thank you so much for the mention!

Florence x

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