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I was just dreaming of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches... were you reading my mind? Hee!

And I saw the quilt the other day.. that quilt's on my to-do list... goodness knows when I'll be able to do it lol


Hey! You should check out the "food for thought" podcast. Great info on vegan/vegetarian stuff. I have one of the cookbooks (the baking one) and love it.


That soup looks delicious - and that quilt is amazing - thanks for the link!!


I'm jotting down this recipe. I love tomato soup. Nothing better on a chilly night.


Oh yum! You know how I feel about a good soup! I've been looking and reading more and more into vegan recipes--they are seeming 'right' to me at this moment.


Rebekah, you are so kind. I wondered where all of the traffic was coming from!

Being able to FINALLY blog about that quilt was such a joy, but also a lot of pressure.... when you've been working on something for two years, how do you sum it up in one post?

I love visiting your blog. I think I've "read you" from the begining!

I have a friend who wants to make a first quilt and I sent her pics of two of yours as ideas- your Turning Twenty and your fabulously colorful Plain Spoken!


Your absolutely right, that quilt is amazing! Thanks for sharing the link :) I love tomato soup and it has become one of Jackson's favorites soups. I'm going to have to try this recipe, it sounds delicious!


PS. I made the soup tonight. It was good! Even my finicky daughter who basically hates everything I cook, said it was good. Go figure.


ooh it sounds right up my alley! thanks for the recipe...


(i'm agree, that is an amazing quilt)
thanks for sharing the recipe, it looks so great and i'm a tomate soup lover!

finger thumb

I'm going to try this soup tomorrow. I love soup. And tomato is my favourite kind, but I've been sort of disappointed with other recipes lately. But the roasted garlic in this pretty much guarantees that it will be awesome.

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