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what a wonderful experience - love all the quilts..they are gorgeous!


Lucky you! Sounds like a fabulous day! They really have an eye for design, don't they.


what an amazing day you had! thank for sharing it with us!


Wow! What an amazing day!


so pretty...


Oh you lucky girl!!!!! I would've loved to meet these women and learn from them. The quilts of Gee's Bend are my favorite. So when do we get to see what you made???


oh my goodness! this is incredible! i have a complete love affair with gees bend quilts-- i can't believe you actually got to go to a workshop! what a fabulous experience!

Amy Hodge

This sounds fabulous! How exciting for you to get to attend this. Yippee!

sew katie did

Wow! I would have flown straight home had I known. So glad you had this experience. They are the real thing when it comes to Improv.


what a fantastic opportunity! I am constantly in awe of the Gee's bend women.

Elizabeth Braun

Love your blog/URL name! I should have called mine dontcallmeliz!!!!!=)


ohh that would have been an amazing experience


Glad you got a chance to do that! The Gees Bend quilters have a 3-day workshop coming up here in Alabama in May, but it is the same time as a sketching workshop that I want to take, so it is a tough decision which one to do!


That is incredible! What a neat opportunity! My favorite part of your post was reading that the ladies sang for you and led everyone in a group prayer. That just makes it all the more special. Thanks for sharing this post with us because it was really cool to read about. :)


this post gave me the chills. awesome. you are too. xox


You are so lucky to have been a part of this....You probably sang all the way home with visions of quilts running through your mind.


Wow, what a wonderful opportunity!


So, so jealous!!! What an amazing experience!


sooo inspirational! aren't the quilts just amazing in person!!


What a wonderful bit of advice, to ..."stop self-editing and judging my work and to just go with the flow. What a great experience and great quilts! I was able to see one of the Gee's Bend exhibits a few years' back and it was a memorable experience.


wow. what an incredible experience! and you got singing too? jealous. are you going to show us the piece you worked on there?


That would have been so neat to see!

Cascade Lily

Some gorgeous quilts - you lucky duck!


wow!!! that looks like a perfect way to spend the afternoon!!! What an amazing experience!

Elaine Barnett

How lovely is your site!
Love the story about Gees Bends and
the amazing quilting ladies!
I live in Alabama, so I am well
aware of them, and I am so glad
others love them as much as we do
in AL.
I linked back to your post on my site
Keep up the good work.
God bless,
Writing(and Sometimes Sewing)to Encourage YOU!


I also had the good fortune to attend a workshop in Sisters, Oregon last summer led by the women of Gee's Bend - an absolutely amazing, incredible, liberating and uplifting experience. Thanks so much for sharing yours and alerting us to this exhibit. And your Flickr stream is incredible. Yes, I'd like to see your quilt too.

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What a wonderful bit of advice, to ...stop self-editing and judging my work and to just go with the flow. What a great experience and great quilts! I was able to see one of the Gees Bend exhibits a few years back and it was a memorable experience.

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