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i love the name of that book - too funny!

and those cookies sound delicious! i'm going to have to give them a try! and soon!!


oooh, delish!


I have never tried vegan cookies but they do sound good! Thanks for the recommendation and recipe!


I love vegan cookies--they are so what I am going for these days. I've been spending the afternoons fiddling around with my recipes to try and vegan-ize them with mixed success. I am so excited that you are in your last semester of grad school--it is the best one!!!


That's a bummer about your wrist. I had carpel tunnel surgery on both hands so I can relate. Let's hope it heals quickly so you can get back in the crafting game. Your cookies look so good. Right now, I'm trying to convince my boys to bake something (there's nothing sweet in the house). Maybe if I show them your cookie picture, they'll get motivated. (It's hard being the chief cook, cleaner, laundress, etc. around here -- if only they would make me cookies!).


Sorry to hear about your wrist, hopefully it will be a quick recovery. Those cookies are making me really hungry! They look delicious!


sounds delicious, hope your wrist injury gets better soon! happy studying.


wow! they sound amazing! thanks for passing along the recipe!
sorry to hear about your wrist- i sure hope you're all healed up soon!


I hope your wrist heals soon - your cookies look wonderful!


Sounds like a fun semester - hope you get a good diagnosis at the doctor! I love the new blog look!


Those cookies look great. And graduation? that is sooooo exciting!


Thanks for posting. I have a son with egg/nut allergies and have been looking for good baked goods recipies. I'll try these... Have a great day.


Thanks for sharing this! I have recently become friends with someone who is vegan and I always feel bad that I do not know anything to bake when she comes over! This is definitely on my list of books to check out.

Rima Aranha

Sorry to hear about your wrist. Hope you are better now. And thanks for those baked goods recipe. Yummy tummy. Nowadays I cant do without sugar.


sorry to read about your wrist injury, has been a while since you posted this, but I hope you feel better. by the way, those cookies looks awfully good!

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