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Which book to choose from??? Hmmm. I'm sure I can come up with something to make from my stack -- I think I own a bunch of the same books as you. You know what they say about great minds? Well, let's put them to use!


I love this challenge! I have A LOT of books that are very inspiring, that just sit on a shelf. I can think of two projects right off the bat that I've been wanting to make, one is a quilt in Anna Maria Horner's book: Seam's to me (I even have the fabric for it!) and the other is a robe in Amy Butler's book: In stitches. I hope this challenge will give me the boost I need to start tackling some of these great projects!


oh this is a WONDERFUL IDEA! i'm gonna try...


I'm adding patterns into this concept...I have a bunch of patterns I've purchased and haven't cracked yet!


good idea! i really should do this as well.

Jennifer Bartram

I will attempt the challenge. I too have a stash of beautiful books that I spend more time looking at than making anything from!


I am definitely in - I'll have to look through my books and see which projects I want to do.


I am in and have linked the button on my blog. I think my first project will be the tote from Simple Sewing.


Great idea! I try to do this with my cookbooks but never thought to do it with my craft books. It would be great if people wrote reviews of the projects they did as well.


I would love to do this - but this year I'm determined to work on nothing but my own art quilts. We'll see, I think January will be over before I start!


I've got so many books, but rarely use them for anything other than inspiration. This is a great idea! I'm in! The reverse applique skirt from the Alabama Stitch Book is high on my list.

Amy Seven-Stitches

I've been looking out for this. Count me in. I'd love to make a quilt from material obsession 1 or 2, but given a little reality check I will go with some children's clothes from "Making Children's Clothes".

Jennifer Bartram

Hi there - i've tried to post this onto my blog -, but the link doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong?


amazing idea! i'm working on a quilt using a (very easy) magazine pattern but also I'll have to look through my books and see which projects I want to do.


Yes, count me in! I'm going to tackle a pair of socks from the New Pathways for Sock Knitters book. I've sock yarn in the stash and the book on my I just need to find the time :)


i am totally in! now i just have to decide what to do...
is it cheating if i do a project from a pattern i bought online ages ago but never actually got around to sewing or does it have to be from a book?
i'm in either way, i just wanted to know how flexible the rules are :)


great idea! i'm going to do some book searching!


I'm totally in too! what an awesome idea you had!! can't wait to find my first project


Great idea!! I'm in. I've got so many books like that. I haven't made a project from a book in ages...I think it's time.

sew katie did

Awesome. I've wanted to make that bag too and have my fabric picked out. Of course I've had Weekend Sewing for a year yet and like you haven't done a thing...

finger thumb

I love this idea. Nothing like a good friendly kick in the pants to get started on a new project. I'm going to make a quilt. A real, grown up person's bed quilt. Probably from the Desyse Schmidt book. I'll let you know which one when I figurer it out.


I want it!!

Elizabeth Braun

Good idea! Just a heads up though, the link doesn't work well from the image and code etc.


I'm in. I love it. Cool button. I'm doing a stash busters starting Feb. 1, and this goes right along with it. Perfecto! Now, where's the drill sergeant with the whistle for motivation and the baby sitter for crowd control so I can get some work done?


I wanna enter! ^^

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