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Wow. What more can I write? That is quite the site. Do they notify the power company to up the amps? We have a Festival of Lights here in Central NY -- where they charge $12 a car load to tour the light display. Seriously, these folks could make money off this.


Wow wow wow!!


WOW. Where is this house?! I may need to convince my husband that we need to take a drive outside of Ann Arbor to check it out. :)


I was just watching a prog on TV about houses that go all out with lights and decorations for Christmas and this looks like it belongs on that show!! Insane! I'm not used to houses being decorated for Christmas so every year it amazes me how much effort people put into their lights.


whoa. that's all i can say.


so cool. my kids would love it (husband, too). btw - I LOVE your xmas header.


We have a few houses around town that are similar. One is not far from our house and we are hoping to take Jackson over there for the first time this weekend. I know he'll love seeing all the lights. Seeing a house like that makes anyone feel like a little kid again.

I love the choir and countdown clock, haven't seen those two things done so well.




Oh my! That is a lotta lotta lights! I love the Griswolds! That show makes me laugh hysterically.


That house really takes the cake!

sew katie did

Wow, hope they don't have that all plugged in in one place!


Wow, mt jar just dropped as I scrolled to see the pics.

finger thumb

Holy Crap! I thought it was a parade that you'd taken pictures of before i started reading. Their hydro/electricity bill must be insane!


wowzers. i don't really know what else to say....


wow!!! that house is very bright and shiny!surely they have some real gnomes hidden around! I don't like to pay the electricity bill!!


Your pictures look so fabulous.I can't even imagine it better in person, but I am sure it it.


Hey, they're going to be on the news in a minute - looks like someone tried to shut them down. Grinches abound, I guess. Hope they can keep it lit - I want to go see!


wowza! now THAT is impressive!


how fun!!!

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