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Your cables are beautiful....What a great pattern. I must learn to knit. Must. And that is definitely an off-the-wall gift for your sister.

Amy Hodge

If we got them together they wouldn't be so lonely! :)


that lonely dollop is hilarious.

also, beautiful hat. :)


Heehee the poo is so cute! My sisters ought to get one each... for being little poos lol I can't wait to get your fabric! I was excitedly telling my hubs that you chose a great block and showing him in the book, and he started laughing at my excitement. Hmph.


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that hat! The crown of the hat looks so neat, and I love the angle you chose to photograph it.


another fabulous hat! i love the round cable pattern!


Beautiful hat! I have been meaning to knit a Koolhaas, maybe I will have to knit that hat too. Too many projects, too little time!


Love the pile of felt! And I can't wait to start the Bee, thanks for being the brave first! Happy New Year!


love the hat - you always make the nicest hats!

the dollop is too hilarious!


The hat is so pretty!


I love the hat! What a great pattern.


i love that hat pattern! that will definitely be going in my queue- beautiful job!
and that little dollop is too too funny!

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