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I love felting! I've made numerous bags but never lined them, love the fabric you used. Did you hand stitch the fabric in or sew it on your sewing machine? The handles are cool too! Looks like it will be a great bag for projects, and so stylish too!


LOVE the bag. The fabric for the lining is perfect, and how neat is it that you could felt it down a bit more until it fit! GREAT job!

I bought a Nicky Epstein [?] pattern for a knitted, felted bag - it looked like a wicker flower basket with roses spilling out everywhere - I hunted that pattern down for months, sure I could learn to knit and make it, took one look at the pattern and gave it away. Your bag looks a bit easier, lol.


That's adorable!! I've never tried felting since I've never knitted anything that needed to be felted but now I want to make a bag!!


It looks awesome! I really like the lining, too.
I'm not a huge fan of felting either.


A.dorable!! and i love the fabric you chose for the lining. you have a such a great eye for matching patterns and colors.


seriously cool bag! love it!


what a great bag! i love the stripes and the colors. it looks like it's pretty sturdy... are the sides stiff enough to almost stand up on their own? i've been thinking about maybe needing a replacement for the lovely straw tote that i bought years ago in paris that travels with me to work every day. i love that it's got enough body to stand, open, without slouching, but the straw is also somewhat brittle and is beginning to show some wear and tear. maybe felt would be a good choice for the next bag... i've got a bundle of felted sweaters sitting in my craft room. hmmm....


Very neat project! Where did you get the handles for the bag? I've been looking for something like that to make a fat quarter hand bag, but no luck... I found some bamboo handles but they're a tidbit ugly :)



I like your blog header. Cute bag. I started a Booga bag too long ago and need to finish it so I can try felting. I have a front loader so I don't feel like felting is very convenient. I am sure my sister wouldn't mind if I borrowed her top loader. You have inspired me to get that project back out... after I finish Christmas gifts.


I'm so into felting right now. Your bag looks great....And the lining brings it all together. Your blog is a great read!


you choosed great colors!!! your bag is so beautiful and sounds easy to do. I think could be a great idea for a gift!


Alright, I need to get myself some Paton's right now and felt!


What a great bag! I love the colors - the lining fabric is great, too.


What a great lil' bag! loving those colors...

Cascade Lily

I'm loving the lining - gorgeous inside of the bag to match the lovely lemon and grey - a classic combination that always works.


I find felting rather tricky that is why am not yet that good at it. I also forget to check it regularly, no wonder I shrank my newly knitted scarf into a tiny foot mat!!! You did incredible with your bag. I like the colourful lining as well.

p.s. you crafting area in your last post is cozy>


LOVE those stripes! i've never felted anything (successfully on purpose, LOL).


This is so super cute! I have never tried felting, but I think I might have to add it to the list. Love the color combo.


Beautiful job on the bag! I love the lining fabric. I am not really into felting. All that knitting and work and then having it shrink down to nothing.

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