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You sure were productive! I love that there is so much variety in what you did this year - knitting/quilting/clothing sewing, etc.

Have a Happy New Year!


Now THAT'S a year!! You made some gorgeous things - and I especially love the gray knitted shrug in the middle - beautiful!


I think I've said that about 5 times already - I need to actually USE my stuff this year. We should make it formally "Use My Stash Year"! I have enough yarn and fabric for several lifetimes I think!


Some very lovely things here! It's VERY HARD to choose a favorite! Happy New Year!!!!

Amy Hodge

Wow, that's a lot of projects! And some really great stuff. Happy New Year!

Jen in KS

I went looking through my 2009 photos and I guess all I did was knit this year. Many, many blankets as well as other techniques I hadn't tried before. I think my fabric and beads are missing me...or am I just feeling guilty that I have not touched those stashes in about a year? Hm.


You were so productive! And I love everything.


what a productive year you've had!

Andee in aZ

I love your mosaic..would you share how you make one of those? I always admire them and would love to make one too!


How validating to see all your work in a mosaic like that! Congrats on an awesome year! Happy New Year, Rebekah. I look forward to reading your blog for another year!


I have been thinking the exact same thing - well, and my stash looks like a small store so I think I'll be ok on that front - and those emails - I can definitely live without them all!


wowzers. what an amazing and beautiful lineup of fo's! you are so inspiring, can't wait to see what you create in 2010.
happy new year to you!!!


What a productive crafting year you had. Many good wishes in the New Year!



You really have knitted a lot in 2009! Great to see all of your projects. I am debating whether to do a mosaic. I did a lot of secret knitting for other people that can't be revealed until later on, so I feel like it's incomplete.


wow- this is insanely impressive! you are seriously the most productive person i know. can't wait to see what you come up with next!


wow!!! You were very productive in 2009! I love all your work! I had planned to make no purposes for 2010, but I think I must stop buying fabrics and only use what I have at home (it would be a good challenge!)! have a 2010 full of blessings!


Wow, you had a great year for projects! I'm so inspired by all your finished crafts. I love all of them! I'm excited for next year and to see all the new projects you have in store.


wow were you busy!! thanks for sharing... your collage has me inspired!

finger thumb

This is a lovely way to look at all you've accomplished in the hand-made category this year. Beautiful stuff. And I wish you the best of luck with the stash busting. You can do it!

sew katie did

Man that is an impressive mosaic! I really want to do another zig zag and love yours!

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